American Express CEO Stephen Squeri claims Covid-19 has accelerated the adoption of online shopping methods by consumers by three to five years, and it remains to be seen how many will return to brick and mortar stores after the pandemic ends Squeri was speaking during the keynote address for the Dell Technologies World User and Partner Conference when technology giant Michael Dell asked him about the changes in consumer behavior that American Express has had since the pandemic began in early 2020 “It was unclear how the world was going to change, it was unclear how consumers, small businesses and corporations would react, and then things started to change,” Squeri said. “A lot of small businesses were really starting to turn to get their businesses online. So you saw small businesses coming back from a consumer perspective.

“Not a lot of people flew, nobody went on a cruise – but we saw people start shopping online.”

So much so that The amount of money consumers spent online during the Christmas season increased 25% year over year, well above what American Express had forecast in the run-up to the Christmas season.

“E-commerce was probably around three Accelerated to five years, “said Squeri. “I don’t know how many people will ever go to the grocery store again instead of ordering groceries online.” Squeri also shared details of the impact the pandemic is having on his company’s digital transformation plans, including a reveal that how the company worked with Dell to make sure they had the technology they needed to work remotely when home stay jobs hit the world.

That work led to American Express was able to ensure that the entire 64,000 workforce had the PCs and peripherals they needed to work remotely in just three weeks.

Elsewhere in the company, the company is in the middle of upgrading its many Legacy systems and making changes to ensure that it is in the best possible position to handle the massive amounts of data; Make the best use of it generated by its operations.

“If you look at American Express, we’re a card issuer, an acquirer, and a network. It means we have perfect data, but as you know, having data is one thing and having information is another thing, ”Squeri said. “Data is beautiful – information is power.

” So we’ve been on this journey and used AI [artificial intelligence] and machine learning to make credit decisions, make fraud decisions, and let our card members anticipate which offers they have. “

The way the pandemic helped reshape and accelerate the pace of digital transformation in various industries was a recurring topic of discussion during the keynote in which Jeff Clarke, Chief Operating Officer and Dell Technologies Vice Chairman, sharing details on Covid-19 has changed the tech giant’s thinking about remote working.

“At Dell, we believe that more than 60% of our employees remain in hybrid and remote work situations and we hear the same thing for many of you, “he said. “Why? Because it’s good for your people and good for your company.” As evidence, Clarke pointed to the business productivity improvements companies get when they allow their employees to follow the work-life balance story and to repent family. “As a company, we are able to move faster, make decisions faster, respond to you faster and make changes within the company faster, and open the opening to talent without geographical restrictions,” he said.

In the latter Punkt explained how choosing a hybrid work model after the pandemic can increase the diversity of its workforce by attracting talent in “underrepresented populations and communities” around the world.

“Greater diversity means a broader perspective – and a wider range of experiences that drive innovation, “he added. “New skills are required for cloud, edge and as-a-service models (IT delivery models). Now it is possible to recruit and retain talent from anywhere. We can create a level playing field for the opportunity and strength of our company.

“We believe that the future is a hybrid workforce and a hybrid cloud for a hybrid world in which digital transformation promotes human transformation by creating cultures who are more empathetic and patient to get us through. “

The impact that mass remote work will have on the underlying infrastructure on which businesses operate was also addressed in the keynote at Dell Technologies World. </ Following Squeri's comments, Michael Dell said the data challenge American Express is facing is one that many companies are grappling with. This is because the places where this data needs to be generated, stored and processed is becoming increasingly dispersed.

“We are in a world where we can do anything from anywhere,” he said. “We used to go to school, to work, to entertainment, to shopping and to interaction. Now things come to us wherever we are. This is how we will move forward and pull the silver lining of 2020 to show how we live, work and learn in 2021 and beyond. And technology is at the heart of everything. “

These trends are having a big impact on corporate IT, especially in terms of complexity, as organizations need to determine where their users are located to determine where to best deliver workloads, according to Dell. This means deciding whether it is best to host them in an on-premises data center, edge computing facility, public cloud environment, or a mix of these.

“Momentum is built on a hybrid, distributed one Future, which is driven by data analytics that are processed in real time, as well as digital and secure processes, procedures and business models, “he said. “And in this world where you can do everything from anywhere, it is increasingly a future that will unfold on the sidelines.”

“While 10% of the data is processed outside of the data center today, 75% will be This data will be processed outside of a traditional data center or cloud until 2025.

“This data is generated marginally in the real world, and turning this data into results requires real-time analytics and intelligence. It is estimated that more than $ 700 billion will be invested in peripheral infrastructure over the next decade. “

To help companies address this shift, the company used the keynote to showcase its Apex portfolio of” as-a-service “offerings that are designed to make it easier for companies to combine compute and storage resources in one Manage a variety of different IT environments.

The Apex portfolio consists of four different products. Offerings are available to enable organizations to use on-premise storage resources “as-a-service”. Another element is intended to simplify workload management in environments with multiple volumes.

Another variant of Apex is aimed at companies that operate a more heterogeneous IT environment that may require a more individual approach with which users can create their own ” as-a-service “model based on their needs.

Dell Technologies has also partnered with colocation giant Equinix to extend the reach of Apex to workloads that organizations have outsourced to third-party locations.

“Today’s IT leaders are increasingly turning to as-a-service, and IDC predicts that half of the data center infrastructure will be used as-a-service by 2024,” said Matthew Eastwood, senior vice president at IDC, the IT market observer.

“The Apex from Dell Technologies is another example of Dell’s agility in meeting the needs of a turn ln the market and corresponds to the way in which customers use, utilize and simplify IT. “

New technologies are widespread to become a mainstay of data centers in the future. Learn more about new and emerging technologies that will change the management, monitoring, power supply and cooling of data centers.

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