No spokesperson on the steps of Matignon this Wednesday, but Jean Castex, out of isolation this Wednesday, and Olivier Véran. The Prime Minister and the Minister of Health will present an update on the health situation and the stages of decontainment, said Matignon.

Several voices have been raised in recent days to ask to advance the lifting of the curfew planned in principle for June 30, one of the topics discussed Wednesday morning in the Health Defense Council, according to a government source.

The day after the Euro France-Germany match which saw the victory of the Blues and thousands of supporters massing in the streets and on the terraces in Paris, sometimes without a mask, the deputy boss LREM Christophe Castaner estimated Wednesday that the “match” against the Covid, to remove the mask on the outside, was still “not won” », The opposition also calling for caution and clear rules.

“Barrier gestures remain the best way to fight” the virus, added Christophe Castaner on France 2, recognizing the “need for breathing, this desire to celebrate this first victory of the ???? team of France “.

In the opposition, the spokesman of the PS Luc Carvounas warned on Public Sénat against an end of the obligation of the mask outside “as from July 1” “Prepared according to him by the government: it would be” too early “, and that will only be possible according to him” when we have enough French women and men. vaccinated “, he estimated, saying that he was” consulted by the prefect of Val-de-Marne on a decree prepared by the government ”on this.

The Minister of Health Olivier VÃ © ran on Tuesday called for “collective vigilance” in the face of the Delta variant. “In the coming weeks, wearing a mask remains the rule as it has been fixed, there is no need to change it. “, He stressed.