New semi-finalist of the Champions League, Karim Benzema will try to take Real Madrid to the final. And, this time, as the No. 1 offensive force in a White House where he is essential. From there to being part of the European Top 3 now?

It’s rather TOP ONE

a goat, overpriced player all his careers, you put Giroud in his place he put 300 goals and 200 assists Dec

Currently Benzema is one of the three best players on the continent. He scores, plays, and carries Real on his shoulders. Lewandoski and Haaland score but do not play. Ronaldo and missed this season. Messi is not what he was even last year. Neymar only has consistency for the rolls but I will classify him and Mbappé at the same level as Benzema.

We are talking about Europeans. Neymar and Messi are not part of the Europeans. Benzema is one of the 4 best in the world, Neymar, Cristiano, Messi and Benzema, that’s it

Apart from Cristiano, Benzema is better than all the other Europeans.