The governor of this American state hopes to resume executions after a ten-year hiatus, due to the shortage of substances used in lethal injections.

The state of South Carolina, in the southeast of the United States, has decided to establish execution squads for those on death row, in order to remedy Dedicate to the shortage of substances used in lethal injections, announced Monday, May 17, the governor of this state in the southern United States. “This weekend, I ratified a law that will allow the state to apply the death penalty. The families and relatives of the victims have the right to mourn and to obtain justice thanks to the law. Now we can do it, ”said Henry McMaster on Twitter. This republican, in favor of capital punishment, wants to resume executions after a ten-year hiatus in his state.

The law, signed on Friday, makes the electric chair the first choice of a death row inmate instead of lethal injection, and allows the formation of an execution squad, which becomes the second option. Execution by injection will once again become the priority option when the necessary substances become available again, according to the text. Until now, a death row inmate had to choose between the chair and the injection, the latter option being automatic if he refused to choose.

The South Carolina-based prisoner aid organization Incarcerated Outreach Network has tweeted a “appalling, shocking and abominable” decision. For the local representative of the large civil rights organization ACLU, Frank Knaack, the state has “found a new way to restart executions within a racist system , arbitrary and prone to errors ”. “The justice of South Carolina makes mistakes but the death penalty is irreversible,” he added in a statement, noting that people of color represented more than half of those convicted s to death, but only 27% of the state’s population.

The electric chair, dubbed ‘Old Sparky’, has not been used since 2008 and the last injection execution was in May 2011, according to the Department of Prisons. state and local media. South Carolina is the fourth U.S. state to allow the death penalty by firing squad, along with Mississippi, Oklahoma and Utah, according to the Center for Death Penalty. information on the death penalty (DPIC). Only three convicts have died in front of a firing squad, all in Utah, since the death penalty was reinstated by the Supreme Court in 1976, according to the Center.

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I am against the death penalty, because as the article says, it is irreversible. And no human justice is perfect. But I think the firing squad is certainly the less cruel and respectful method judging by the long suffering with the electric chair and lethal injections.

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