2021 is only just beginning and the year is already taking its toll. It was with a sore throat that her son, Anthony Delon broke the terrible news. The only woman Alain Delon married died this Thursday, January 21 “at 11 am, in Paris, surrounded by his relatives,” said the actor to AFP, before revealing that she “died of cancer quick”. Nathalie Delon was 79 years old. In full mourning, his son is supported by his partner, Sveva Alviti. Last September, the 56-year-old actor and the actress – who shone in the biopic on Dalida – announced their engagement in the columns of Paris Match. The 36-year-old Italian actress had already forged very strong bonds with her man’s mother. She paid tribute to him on the news of his death. The memory of her late mother-in-law is still very much alive, the recent bereavement not alleviating her grief.

On his Instagram account, Sveva Alviti therefore paid him a new moving tribute this Sunday, February 7. The actress shared a photo of Nathalie Delon. On the black and white photo, we can see Anthony’s mother smiling, in the company of a dog. “I miss you !! Your energy, your strength, your love of life … your courage … You got me learned a lot during these months. Thank you my friend “, she wrote in Italian in the caption of the post.

Attention that touched Internet users. The latter expressed their grief in comments. “You miss a being and everything is depopulated. Good luck to all of you a great (…)

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As tradition dictates, former American heads of state continue to receive notes from the Secret Service. A custom that Joe Biden does not wish to apply to Donald Trump, to avoid possible abuse.

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The student spent 14 months in prison for “distributing and possessing leaflets to harm the interest of the country”. He says he was sexually assaulted during questioning by Algerian police.

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In a peaceful district of Créteil (Val-de-Marne) in July 2020, a local resident who came to drop his son off at the nursery found himself unwittingly at the heart of a spy novel. Seeing a car with some strangely behaving individuals inside, he decided to call the police. At the scene, police then discovered that the car was fitted with a false license plate. Two French army knives and a loaded 9mm pistol were found on the suspects. The alleged sponsor identified after six months of investigation In police custody, the two men made a disturbing confession: soldiers, they claimed to belong to the French secret service. The investigators then asked them who their superiors were, to which they replied that it was the DGSE. Their mission according to them: to assassinate a woman who would work for the Mossad, the Israeli secret service. The target had been watched for weeks. They had placed a GPS beacon under his car. But the one who narrowly escaped death, Marie-Hélène Dini, 54, turned out to be … a business coach, and has no connection whatsoever with Mossad. In shock, she has since left the Paris region. After six months of investigation, the investigators finally identified the alleged sponsor: another business coach, competitor of Marie-Hélène Dini. The suspects are in detention, the DGSE for its part evokes free electrons.

Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner flew to Miami with their children, where they bought land owned by Julio Iglesias for $ 32 million on the island of Indian Creek, known to be a highly secure billionaire bunker.

This Friday, February 5, singer Alizée revealed two new photos of her little Maggy on Instagram. The mother and the little girl have taken a tour of the Ajaccio market.

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