Two hundred years ago Napoleon would die in Saint Helena, alone, deposed, after having worked so hard for France. In any case, this is what the President of the Republic thinks, who will speak on Wednesday, May 5.

Emmanuel Macron has indeed decided to commemorate the bicentenary of his death, despite the controversies that this generates: “When the president speaks, he speaks on behalf of the Republic. Napoleon is a major figure in our history and it is important that historians express themselves. But what does the president mean? Either he approves or he condemns, considers Alexis Corbière, LFI deputy and history professor. There, we are going to get lost. I think that Napoleon is putting an end to to the revolutionary experience through a coup d’etat. A president is not a professor of history, he plays politics. But beware of Bonapartism, some in 2021 have a nostalgia and believe that there is no there is nothing better than a strong man, a soldier, to take power “.

For the historian Pierre Branda, responsible for heritage at the Fondation Napoléon, “the controversy over Napoleon does not date from yesterday. I disagree with Alexis Corbière on the continuity of the French Revolution. The revolution was only a thing of the past. a series of coups d’état and a great civil war which led to deportations and executions so Napoleon put an end to all this and put equality and fraternity back at the center. He also granted freedom of worship “.

But Napoleon also reestablished slavery: “It is indeed a bad decision, admits Pierre Branda, the historian. It was not programmed but it is an influenced recovery. We thought to restore the economy of the colonies, it is a profound mistake, and Napoleon will regret it himself on Saint Helena. But he never owned a slave or wrote in favor of slavery. The problem is complex “.

“You cannot be a Bonapartist and a Republican, believes Alexis Corbière. Where Emmanuel Macron takes a risk is that he plays with this image. He again exalts a figure which may be a temptation for some”.

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