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On Tuesday September 21, France 2 will broadcast a special evening dedicated to Alzheimer’s disease. On this occasion, Agathe Natanson will confide in the last moments of her husband’s life, actor Jean-Pierre Marielle.

On April 24, 2019, Agathe Natanson announced in an official press release, the death of her husband, actor Jean-Pierre Marielle, at the age of 87: “Agathe Marielle is sad to announce that her husband, the actor Jean-Pierre Marielle, died on April 24, at 4:24 p.m., at the Quatre-Villes hospital, in Saint-Cloud, following a long illness “. The evil that was eating him away was Alzheimer’s disease. An immense loss which had raised many tributes, in particular one which has a very sad resonance this week, that of Jean-Paul Belmondo: “What a hard blow! I am collapsed! We can expect it, such news is hard Jean-Pierre was more than a friend. I was his shadow, he was mine, “he told AFP. Two years later, Agathe Natanson decided to confide in the illness from which her husband suffered. Indeed, on Tuesday September 21, Michel Cymes and Faustine Bollaert will host a special evening on Alzheimer’s disease, broadcast on France 2.

On this occasion, Agathe Natanson agreed to look back on the last moments of her husband’s life. “For the first time, she will tell us about the last difficult months of her husband, who had Alzheimer’s. I think she really likes It starts today and was very keen to meet”, revealed the host at Télé Magazine. The latter ensures that the wife of Jean-Pierre Marielle was “ready to talk about it”. “Agathe is very involved in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease and has guided us a lot for the documentary Voyage au cœur de la mémoire”, she explains.

At the time of the actor’s death, Jean-Pierre Mocky had also confided in his friend’s illness: “He lost a lot of his presence when he had Alzheimer’s disease. Make it work. We wanted to make it work as late as possible and we were forced to stop, “he explained to Franceinfo. “To say that I was your partner, even yours. You didn’t like hearing it. You changed the subject. And then, you really ended up forgetting. But you didn’t do that on purpose.” , wrote Jean-Pierre Marielle’s former stage partner, Manu Payet, in a moving tribute.

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