In a relationship with the actor for six years in the 80s, Carlos Sotto-Mayor had recently found Jean-Paul Belmondo. Today, she mourns her disappearance.

France has been in mourning since Monday, September 6, 2021. And for good reason, the sacred monster of French cinema, Jean-Paul Belmondo died in his Parisian home at the age of 88. According to his lawyer, Me Michel Godest, the actor, “very tired for some time”, “died quietly”. An immense sorrow for all the French but especially for his family and his last love, Carlos Sotto-Mayor, a former of his conquests who seemed to be close to him lately. For several years, this Brazilian singer made the heart of the comedian beat faster.

Indeed, the two lovers meet in the 80s, when Bebel separates from Laura Antonelli. They share the poster for the film Le Marginal, in 1983. This singer, now 60 years old, had also played in Happy Easter and Le Solitaire. Paul Belmondo’s father fell head over heels in love with this artist, with who he stayed for six years. But in 1987, the couple separated. Carlos Sotto Mayor then returned to his native country, to settle later in the United States, where she will make a career in song.

But in 2020, Jean-Paul Belmondo and his former companion meet again, almost 40 years later, as she confided in the columns of Nice Matin: “The image that remains to me from this shoot is a scene where I received a slap and, forgetting that I was at the cinema, I got up and I returned it! Too bad, they did not keep it. With Jean-Paul, it’s a great story and this it is so moving to find ourselves like this, forty years later “. Now a sound engineer, Carlos Sotto Mayor has lost the man she loved for all these years. In mourning, she mourns the man she has found in recent months.

Jean-Paul Belmondo has never shown an interest in school unlike sport (boxing and football) where he excels. Follows a disease that …

A great actor. But who needed flashy women to show off and shine. Carlos reappeared not long ago in her life … weird. As he has not always been very perceptive with women (see Barbara Gandolfi), let’s hope his family will not have any surprises when they open the will! And especially that we will not have a battle that will mar his career.
Laiticia has sufficiently soiled the memory of another French monster!

There was another good wife Barbara thing, married who regularly came to pump her money. I hope her entourage fired her …

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