On Wednesday, October 4, 1972, the Olympia cinema, cours Georges-Clemenceau in Bordeaux, changes, like every Wednesday, its poster. This week, the spectators are entitled to a film “entirely shot in the region of Bordeaux” as underlined by a banner. It is about “Doctor Popaul”, “tragic farce” by Claude Chabrol with Jean-Paul Belmondo and Mia Farrow in the stars.

After the enthusiasm of 1968, Claude Chabrol entered a prolific period with the producer Andrà © Gà © novèsÂ:  «Just before nightfall» (1971), “The Prodigious Decade” (1971), “Doctor Popaul” in 1972 before “The Red Wedding …

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Ref: https://www.sudouest.fr