One of the star authors to follow in the 1980s, the Belgian had also left his mark on the world of video games at the turn of the millennium.

He was one of the bridges between the art of comics and that of video games: Belgian artist Benoît Sokal died on Friday, at the age of 66. Born in Brussels, the tireless illustrator died in Reims after a long illness, his friend François Schuiten told AFP. Fascinated by animals, the one who was to become a designer for a long time imagined becoming a veterinarian before changing lanes, deeply influenced by the watercolors of his compatriot Renà © Hausman.

After training at the Institut des arts Saint-Luc in Brussels, Benoît Sokal took off in 1978, between the pages of the journal A To Follow, where he made a name for himself at the helm of the adventures created pusculars of Inspector Canardo, improbable cop taken over by women, cigarettes and alcohol. Very popular in the 1980s, the designer has devoted twenty albums at Casterman to this scoundrel duck, for which he also wrote the screenplay. He had completed the series in 2018, exactly forty years after the character’s first appearance. “Canardo is a very important series”, told AFP François Schuiten, designer, collaborator and friend of Benoît Sokal. “He’s the perfect antihero, an insufferable alcoholic with a lot of flaws. AT?? at the end of the 1970s, he is a character who will become one of the emblems of A Follow, which has revealed many authors ”.

Curious about everything, Benoît Sokal took a keen interest in the breakthroughs and advances in video game technologies from the mid-1990s. dium, which was until then limited by the small amount of data it could carry, opens at this time to much more ambitious works, in particular with the rise from the CD-ROM. His first title, L’Amerzone: The Explorer’s Testament, was released in 1999, with the support of the French from Microids. On the strength of this first experience, which he supervised from A to Z, Benoît Sokal renews his partnership with Microids for a second video game, the poetic Syberia, which appeared in 2002 and which will have two sequels, in 2004 and 2017. “In the world of video games, he had a very personal touch, a very original universe, it’s quite rare”, commented © François Schuiten for AFP. A fourth entry to its Syberia series, in preparation since 2018, should be available later this year.

Despite his escapades in the world of video games, Benoît Sokal had not yet given up his love for physical albums and bookstore releases. Apart from Canardo, he had notably embarked – always with Casterman – in a trilogy “with environmentalist accents”, Kraa, published between 2010 and 2014. The designer had finally collaborated in recent years © es with François Schuiten on the first volume of the Aquarica comic book, published by Éditions Rue De Sèvres in 2017. The release of the second volume, for which Benoît Sokal had almost completed the drawings, is expected for next year. “This nature lover marked the entry of the catalog into adulthood with his satirical tales in which he brilliantly handles black humor and irony”, testified Saturday the editor Casterman, who accompanied Benoît Sokal since 1978.

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