The children of the 80s wake up in shock on Tuesday, September 21. Claude Lombard, considered the queen of cartoon credits, died at the age of 76. The terrible news was announced on his official Facebook page. “Claude Lombard will have sunny the path of those she crossed. She will have created vocations and more, she will have helped people to become what they are today”, we can read on the social network .

Born in 1945 in Etterbeek, Belgium, Claude Lombard had recorded around fifty 45s between 1986 and 1992. Among her greatest successes? The credits of Embrasse-moi Lucile, Max et Compagnie, Théo or the bat of victory, The enchanted world of Lalabel, Flo and the Swiss Robinsons or the Adventures of Claire and Tipoune, Pollyana and Susy with magic flowers. Children’s programs broadcast in the Club Dorothée and with which the deceased singer will be forever associated. It is therefore no surprise that the show’s team paid tribute to him on social networks.

It was through a short and sober message that the Club Dorothée team, among the first to react to the death of Claude Lombard, paid tribute to him. “For the children of the ‘Dorothée generation’ she performed more than fifty credits: Flo and the Swiss Robinson Crusoes, The Little Lord, The Snorkys, Embrasse-moi Lucile, Pollyanna and so many others… Our thoughts are with her family “, is it written on his page (…)

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The general prosecutor’s office on Tuesday requested life imprisonment at the appeal trial before the special assize court in Paris of the French jihadist and “major criminal” Tyler Vilus, an ISIS executive in Syria, sentenced to 30 years of prison at first instance.

This Monday, September 20, M6 broadcast the fourth evening of season 16 of Love is in the meadow. What happened ? We summarize everything for you.

WEEK 2 – Philippe Duperron is the president of the association 13Onze15 Fraternité-Vérité. He lost his son Thomas, 30, at the Bataclan. For the JDD, he returns every week to the progress of the trial. This second week was marked by the taking of words from the accused and the broadcasting of a sound recording of the Bataclan.

Tonight on France 2, Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz meet eight years after Vanilla Sky on the big screen in the action comedy Night and Day. But by the way, did the American actress follow her partner, known to be quite a daredevil, and do all the stunts herself?

Consequence of the “betrayal” of its allies united by the Aukus pact: France will try with new impetus to build the “strategic autonomy” of the European Union. Not without encountering problems and a lack of solidarity between Member States, observes the foreign press.

Vaimalama Chaves is the latest celebrity participating in Dancing with the Stars. With fewer training days, Miss France 2019 must work hard.

The United States will authorize, from “early November”, entry into its territory to travelers vaccinated against Covid-19 from the European Union and the United Kingdom, lifting restrictions put in place in March 2020. Economic decryption of this announcement.

The favorite of the German legislative elections, Olaf Scholz, defended his action against money laundering on Monday in front of deputies who summoned him, a few days before the legislative elections, in an embarrassing case involving the Ministry of Finance he heads .

Anguish is mounting among educated Afghan women, who fear a bleak future as the new Taliban government closes doors for work or education, saying they still need time to allow them to do so.

On the Spanish island of Palma, in the Canary Islands, the Palma volcano erupted, destroying many homes and forcing the evacuation of 5,000 people.

COMPANY – A prototype of a mobile basin is being tested in a small town in the Aisne region located in an area lacking nautical equipment

10,700 new cancer cases and 4,850 alcohol-related cancer deaths could be avoided per year in the WHO European region by doubling current taxes on alcoholic beverages, according to the institution. Russia, the UK and Germany are the countries that would save the most lives by taking this tax step.

Cédric Jubillar has been indicted and imprisoned since June 18 for the murder of his wife, whose body has not been found. He disputes the facts and his detention.

Outgoing Prime Minister Liberal Justin Trudeau and his main rival, moderate conservative Erin O’Toole, tied in the polls, threw their last strength into the battle on Sunday on the eve of the Canadian legislative elections.

Jean-Baptiste Maunier is one of the thirteen stars to tread the floor of Dance with the stars in this eleventh season. During the first premium of the show, the actor promised a radical change for the next few weeks. It’s already done on this Sunday, September 19. Here’s the result…

Since the departure of Eric Zemmour from “Face à l’Info”, the columnist table changes every day around Christine Kelly. And the audiences have necessarily taken a hit.

Stéphanie Durant will soon welcome her little boy. On her Instagram account, she revealed the number of pounds she gained during her nine months of pregnancy.

From Tuesday, September 21, the unions and the Minister of Transformation and the Public Service will meet to discuss salaries and negotiate salary increases.

UNESCO – Eric Lejoindre, mayor of the 18th arrondissement of Paris, wishes to have the Butte Montmartre classified as a Unesco heritage

The economist Sandrine Rousseau, qualified in the second round of the ecologist primary on Sunday, saw herself as an ambassador of “ecofeminism” on a mission, after several years of political hiatus following the Baupin affair of which she was a figure determined.