Arte is showing Death in this Garden from 8:50 pm on Monday, September 27, 2021. The adventure film by Luis Buñuel takes place in the toxic Mexican vegetation.

An improbable assimilation of characters with intersecting fates occurs in Luis Buñuel’s work, Death in this Garden, dated from the 1950s and to be followed as a bonus this Monday, September 27, 2021 on Arte. It brings together some big names in French cinema such as Simone Signoret and Charles Vanel.

In an Amazonian town, civil war is about to break out. Shark, an unscrupulous adventurer, arrives in the village as the government has endorsed the nationalization of the mines, prompting protest from diamond diggers. He has just escaped from prison and by a combination of circumstances he finds Djin, the venal prostitute who had denounced him.

A missionary, a tired miner and his daughter join the duo. All five decide to flee the village where the revolt is brewing. But the jungle offers very little chance of survival, and spirits will quickly lose their minds to let an intoxicating scent of madness spread.

The adventure film is not inspired by real events but by the novel of the same name by José André-Lacour, who has the distinction of having used many pseudonyms to publish his works. The screenplay was put together with the help of Raymond Queneau.

On the casting side, Simone Signoret plays the role of the prostitute. A shoot that was not easy for the actress then in need of her husband, a certain Yves Montand. Michel Piccoli, whom the actress would find years later in the theater, lends his features to the pacifist Father Lizardi, never stingy with good advice. Charles Vanel, who knows Yves Montand well for having shared the cult poster The salary of fear, completes the cast alongside Georges Marchal.

In the dark rooms, Luis Buñuel’s second color work won over 1.5 million French people.

On September 20, Adieu, ma jolie, with Charlotte Rampling and Robert Mitchum, mobilized 1.17 million viewers (5.1%) on Arte. Death in this garden will strike on September 27, 2021 at 8:55 p.m. just before Luis Bunuel’s second film of the evening, The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie (10:35 p.m.).

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