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After four years as a buyer in the Affaire concluded show on France 2, Julien Cohen made a shocking announcement. In the columns of Courrier Picard on December 24, 2021, he announced his departure from the show. A disappointment for the fans of the show.

This is sad news for fans of Deal. The show launched in 2017 and presented by Sophie Davant sees one of its buyers leave. Indeed, Julien Cohen made the decision to leave the show after four years of good and loyal service. A shocking announcement that he revealed to the Courrier Picard on December 24, 2021. “It’s the end of the clap for me for Affaire concluded. I shot 1557 broadcasts, I saw 7,204 people presenting me with objects , I bought 1,813, I took part in 330 days of filming in four and a half years, three, then four and up to six shows a day. I lived an extraordinary adventure. ” , he confessed.

The businessman also shared this news on his Instagram account. A decision that greatly disappointed fans of the show. “Too bad it won’t be the same without you”, “We will miss you!” , “I am very sad”, “They lose a key figure in the show … too bad for them!” , “Oh pity, the show will not be the same at all, it’s you who does the show”, we can read in the commentary.

But it is not to be unemployed that the buyer has decided to leave the show of France 2, on the contrary. He has many projects in mind, including devoting himself to the development of second-hand shops. “It’s the only thing that motivates me,” he said. Julien Cohen therefore hopes to open his second second-hand store “between April 1 and April 15”. But not only. “I have other projects in progress, a third house in Châteaudun, a fourth in Nevers, a fifth in Limoges and others in Bourges and La Flèche. I will then go west, Strasbourg and Nancy, and towards Brittany, and finally towards the south. ” , he confided. And if Julien Cohen leaves Affaire concluded, that does not mean that we will not see him again on television. “It is not excluded that I return in a new program, on the theme of second-hand goods or urbex”, he reveals, specifying: “I do not run after cameras and flashes”.

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