Cashing in more than 13 times his stake in the Tim Miller film, superhero Deadpool left the ugly duckling puffy. Origin of X-Men: Wolverine And it was revived with the intelligence of Ryan Reynolds, central figure in the competition with the Avengers.When Warner has all the difficulties in the world to win Justice League despite the iconic catalog of names, and During the X-Men franchise starting to get stuck in earnest, an irreverent, entertaining, politically incorrect, and status-conscious superhero has landed in the landscape as a golden option.

So how do you avoid tripping over your own double woven rugs, metawinks, and industry-thrown pike when you love swimming in the angry waters of Hollywood? Behind the pro-competition jokes, there’s a movie first and foremost. with finely staged friendships. X-force Scheduled for 2020, a cable shovel project played by Josh Brolin.

If Deadpool, like any other (excellent) calibrated product, has the right to secure his future and his offspring Deadpool 2 apparently he seems to be backing down. Same formula with more action and silliness, but less humor and rhythm: a nice cocktail for this failed sequel.

Beloved, revered and cited for his humor, self-mockery, ability to ridicule the genre, and ability to break through the Fourth Wall through winks and avalanches of cultural credentials, Deadpool clearly leaves something to be desired in his second solo adventure. Energizing dialogue and scenes like energy is not the regular use of the keywords “dick”, “ass” and other “shit”, but at least the first thing I had going for him The rhythm is surprisingly flat after the opus.

Deadpool 2 Therefore, I’m happy to play the same pretty much lazy dynamic between the protagonist and his elders (Colossal Statue and Negasonic Teenage Warhead) and the new co-conspirators (Russell, Cable, Domino). Whether it’s Deadpool’s own charm or the purely theoretical charisma of a new character, the feeling of an endless loop that crushes everything on the road. Josh Brolin and Zazie Beetz can have quite a good charisma and benefit from a very successful look. Cable and Domino end up as a gorgeous extra in the Deadpool Parade.

The opening credits are very simple: Deadpool 2’s core superhero movies schedule, and the core mainstream Hollywood movies schedule in the background, seeks to re-enact the first one that took place in a fascinating distance. Except that here, the rendering in the form of the James Bond parody is as bad as ugly, more evocative of English Johnny Above all, it exaggerates its value too much for its own benefit.

Deadpool 2 was very happy to break the doors one by one, and that from the endlessly flickering introduction to some early days, it completely explains the difficulty the film has in forming as it is scattered among several very poorly assembled around the Remix Ending, a parody of an X-Men group movie (This only provides a really interesting sequence), and a nasty urge to give the superhero some human depth.

The clock is near 2 o’clock, so You can see that what follows is terribly sweet, feels like an adventure initiated for various purposes, without actually finding or taking responsibility for it along the way. Oversold on sale, Therefore cables, especially dominoes, don’t have time to exist, A Kid Played by Julian Dennison (Finding People in the Desert (By Taika Waititi) is just a tool Deadpool’s early teammates, along with a few new faces, are only used to being stupidly trampled on for a smile (at best) when the use of cult comic book characters emerges. foam).

Movies usually vibrate between pure laughter phases It’s like autopilot (refer to the ball, name another superhero, start over), and a series of abdominal nonsense, The second time was very helpful. Even in the avalanche of the post-credits scene, Ryan Reynolds is happy to play a long-swinging racing gag to prove his self-ridicule.

Deadpool 2 I have gained my confidence. It is even believed that the protagonist avoids making the scene more interesting, empty and ugly than his competitors by announcing the arrival of the “composite image action scene”. All you need is a silent nod to the audience Logan, Avengers: Infinity War When Birth of Batman vs. Superman Justice Give privileges that are lousy in CGI terms and may mask the lack of scale. I was sure his little degenerative kid’s snorting parade would be reinforced. Stack up your characters and plot to cover up the inconsistent mess of things.

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