The premium given to Gafa (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) can be found in the 2015 Interbrand ranking. – Interbrand

Electric vehicle maker Tesla and Chinese app TikTok are among the fastest growing companies in the past year, according to the Kantar ranking of the most powerful brands released. © Monday.

The Zoom software, one of the symbols of the generalization of remote work and containments, the Spotify audio platform or even the chipmakers Nvidia and AMD are also making their entry into the edition. 2021 of this Brandz Top 100 ranking carried out by the Kantar firm, which takes into account the financial performance and the opinion of consumers.

The cumulative value of these 100 brands has increased “by 42%, which is a historic performance (more than four times the average growth observed for 15 years)”, underlines Kantar in a press release.

According to the firm’s experts, “these brands have been able to react and take advantage of the new expectations generated by the COVID crisis”.

At the top of the rankings, the behemoths Amazon and Apple, both with a value well above half a billion dollars, retain their place and seal American hegemony within this ranking (56 of the top 100 brands).

“The total value of the ranking reaches 7.100 billion dollars, or the equivalent of the combined GDP of France and Germany,” notes Kantar.

In the wake of Amazon, Alibaba, 7th in the ranking, consolidated its second place among distributors.

Tesla is the fastest growing brand: 275% from 2020, to $ 42.6 billion. It is one of the five brands that has more than doubled its value, alongside TikTok and three other Chinese companies (Pinduoduo, Meituan, Moutai).

Kantar experts also note the strong growth of companies offering subscription solutions, such as Spotify, Xbox, Disney or Netflix.

Five French brands appear in the ranking: Louis Vuitton, in 21st position, is the leading European brand. Then come Chanel (40th), Hermès (43rd), L’Orà © al (48th) and the telecom operator Orange (91st).