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Davina McCall said the symptoms of menopause reminded her of when she was addicted.

Former Big Brother presenter, 53, has spoken openly about her past drug use, including one Addiction to heroin when she was in her twenties.

McCall said she experienced night sweats during perimenopause that reminded her to recover from the addiction.

The TV star has a movie with entitled Davina McCall: Sex, Myths, and the Menopause Turned. Channel 4 addresses the lack of information on the subject.

During an online Q&A, she said, “I had a difficult experience getting perimenopausal at 44 and I really didn’t know who I was with speak or where to go. “

She said the” really terrible thing for me to get night sweats was that I am addicted to recovery and it really made me get sick and try to recover from addiction.

“And I just woke up with a pool of water here. And it wasn’t all the time, it was maybe two or three times a month … I haven’t slept and if you don’t sleep at night night after night … I would wake up two or three times a night, mostly too small. I don’t know what was wrong with my bladder.

“And I just started the fog. And I just thought I was going crazy. I either thought I might have dementia, a type of early-onset dementia. Menopause didn’t even cross my mind because I was young, 44, and I just thought this was too young. “

McCall said she had” struggled “for about a year when she experienced symptoms like fatigue, Memory fog and anxiety developed.

She added: “My period got very, very long, very light, but very long. I thought something was going on. I think I might …

” I didn’t even know perimenopause was a thing. I thought I might have menopause. I didn’t understand that menopause was when you haven’t had a period in a year. “

Eventually her symptoms began to interfere with her presentation work and she had trouble reading her lines.

” It started Impairing my eyesight from lack of sleep, I couldn’t see, I couldn’t read.

“And a producer who is now pretty high on ITV came up to me and said, ‘Are you okay?’ Because I used to feel like that.

“And I just couldn’t think of it anymore. I just thought, ‘Oh god, I’m in the fog’. “

On the TV series, McCall will meet scientists and women who have gone through menopause and discuss their own experiences.

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