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The Daval case has been in the news for four years. Broken by the tragic disappearance of their daughter, Isabelle and Jean-Pierre Fouillot testify to their story in “Alexia, notre fille”, (Robert Laffont), to be published this October 28. An intimate story through which they reveal their truth. “Her name was Alexia. She was our daughter. And it’s been four years since she was killed by the one who promised to love her. Since then, we no longer live. We survive”, we can read on the back cover. As Jonathann Daval continues his journey behind bars, Alexia Daval’s parents are haunted by the memory of their daughter.

If time flies, the thoughts of Isabelle and Jean-Pierre Fouillot wander between grief and anger, and this, for eternity. Long duped by their former son-in-law, the parents of Alexia, who disappeared in the fall of 2017, were faced with the unbearable news of the truth and are now trying to rebuild. Although the evidence prompts them to forgive in order to move on, they are not able to. “It’s impossible. The story could have been vastly different if he had not told this jogger lie”, explains Isabelle Fouillot at the microphone of Jean-Alphonse Richard in The Crime Hour, October 28.

In the aftermath of Alexia’s disappearance, Jonathann Daval appears with a face eaten away by sadness. Alongside his in-laws, he plays the grieving husbands, and no one, apart from the investigators, doubts his sincerity. Yet behind the tears, the then 33-year-old hides a terrible secret. The parents of the victim, who love their son-in-law like their son, are horrified when they discover that from the start, he has been playing with them. After three months of silence, faced with the evidence gathered by the gendarmes, the suspect, driven to confession by his in-laws, recognizes the facts. A confession that has resonated in the minds of Alexia’s parents ever since: “The more time passes, the more we see the horror of the thing, the more we see that he has manipulated us, that he has manipulated Alexia and the whole earth.” Jonathann Daval was sentenced to 25 years in prison in November 2021, after six days of trial.

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