A THOUSAND OAKS – For the second time this month, the Rams only avoided the disaster on Monday.

Darrell Henderson, who left workout with a thumb injury, has nothing worse than a sprain and is “commonplace,” a Rams source said Monday night.

This was an even faster journey from worry to relief than the team took when quarterback Matthew Stafford injured his thumb on his throwing hand on Aug. 2 and returned to practice the next day.

But the relief is not total. Henderson’s fear is a reminder of the Rams’ depth problems walking back.

Behind Henderson are three defenders who have never made a regular season handover in the NFL: Xavier Jones and rookies Jake Funk and Otis Anderson.

Raymond Calais, who saw action in running back and kick returner in the first two exhibition games, injured a foot in Saturday’s preseason game against the Las Vegas Raiders and was sacked on Monday (although the Rams brought him back and can use him injured.) Reserve after clearing waivers).

When asked if Jones and Funk are ready to take on backup roles in the regular season, or if the Rams are looking to see who is still available, Coach Sean McVay was non-committal.

“I think we’re still in the process of finding that out. We have a little time, ”said McVay. “Darrell is an established guy who has done some good things, but …”

Going into his third season, Henderson missed training or games with hamstring, quadriceps and ankle injuries while winning 624 yards last year.

That was 1 yard less than Cam Akers’ team high 625, who will be out with an Achilles tendon this season.

McVay said he was pleased with the improved performances in the second preseason game from Funk, who had 56 yards on eight carries, and Jones, who had 29 yards on seven carries and 10 yards on one reception, plus two solid Winnings canceled due to penalties.

“I thought Jake had some good, hard runs early on that he sort of developed on his own,” said McVay. “And then I thought that Xavier made some good games in passing – when he got more touch you could feel that he was fitting into the rhythm of the game.”

The Rams had five running backs on their 53-man roster in Week 1 in 2020, suggesting they have an opening.

The Rams ditched quarterback Duck Hodges and Paris Ford security on Monday to reduce their roster to 82 a day ahead of the NFL teams.

The 82 include punters Johnny Hekker and Corey Bojorquez, both of whom were put on the COVID-19 reserve list on Saturday so the Rams may not make further cuts until one is reinstated.

Unlike Calais, which can be brought back and put on IR, Hodges and Ford have been released “no recall” waivers.

The departure of Hodges, the former Pittsburgh Steelers backup, who signed in January, means Bryce Perkins performed well against the Chargers and Raiders, Perkins the No. 3 quarterback job and a spot on the training team who won Rams.

To be included on the training roster, Perkins must delete waivers if the Rams are reduced to 53 by August 31st. If another team claims him, they must add him to their active list.

McVay plans to let Perkins play the entire game when the Rams face the Broncos in their preseason final on Saturday in Denver, but he said that No. 2 quarterback John Wolford will be in uniform if Perkins get hurt.

Danton Barto, a former Memphis State, CFL and Arena Football League linebacker who searched for the Rams from 2013 to 2017, died Sunday aged 50 after being hospitalized for COVID-19 was.

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His wife, Shelley Beth Barto, told the Memphis Commercial Appeal that he was not vaccinated.

Rams GM Les Snead said: “He loved football more than anyone I know and had a natural, instinctive eye for spotting talent.”

Matthew Stafford was asked if he would be ready for the season opener against the Chicago Bears after he and other Rams starters skipped the preseason games.

“I hope to get five, seven, ten years better on this offense,” said Stafford, who will be 43 years old in ten years. “I hope my first game on September 12th isn’t my best game as Ram. I would like to have a great one, but I hope I get better and better. ”

The NFL’s off-season player survey placed Ram’s cornerback Jalen Ramsey at 13th in the league’s annual Top 100, the highest ranking in its four consecutive years on the list.

Defensive tackle Aaron Donald is one of the players in the top 10, the league announced. The exact placements from 1-10 will be announced on Saturday. Donald was # 1 in 2019 and # 3 in 2020

McVay stopped training and gave a lecture to the team after the linemen had repeatedly sidelined on Monday. “Good teams don’t beat themselves. We’ve had too many self-inflicted wounds,” McVay later told reporters. “Sometimes it’s just the total energy. I want to feel a little more. ”… Stafford met wide receiver Van Jefferson several times during training with precise passes. … Linebacker Ernest Jones canceled another Stafford-to-Jefferson pass. Defensive lineman Michael Hoecht deflected a Wolford pass nicely.

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