The area of ​​the flaming city is stressful in Darkest Dungeon II, and not just for your heroes with its hordes of fanatics. Here is a guide with video, tips and advice on how to kill the end boss of the Big Library dungeon. Which will give you great rewards.

Whether it is for greed, or for the pleasure of discovering all the bosses, you can take risks and try to finish the dens on the way to the Mountain in Darkest Dungeon 2. The content of each den is determined. by the region it is in, so you know which boss you are going to face after 2 waves of random enemies. In the case of the City, strangely named Jungle in French for the moment (a translation error on the early access?) Is often one of the first regions that is offered to you on the journey. This boss is relatively straightforward, and you don’t need an overpowered party to take it down. But you really want to prevent him from dropping out of reading.

Having a high light level and a fit band will help you well. Also equip health, stress, and anything that helps with burns. Whether it’s ointment, or powder that increases fire resistance on as many characters as possible. You also need as many characters as possible to attack boss position 4 once again. We will remember in particular:

This boss isn’t too bad, which ironically means we haven’t had a chance to experience all of its mechanics yet. There are still some gray areas in how it works, but unless you enter combat with a group that is really unsuitable or too weakened, that shouldn’t be a problem.

The principle of the fight is relatively simple, and it also makes think of the Prophet of Darkest Dungeon 1. The Librarian is stashed in position 4, behind 3 piles of books endowed with 45 points of life each. You should know that the Librarian has 3 actions per turn, which is huge. Fortunately, his basic technique, called Required Reading, does little damage. However, it can cause a burn, and it also inflicts a stress point. A notable detail is that he will gradually consume the books in front of him to attack, which will bring him closer to the group and expose him to more attacks.

But be careful, when the pile of books closest to the boss is low in life, he will finish it off, which will trigger 2 stresses in a character in the group. He will then unleash a big zone attack on the whole group. It deals moderate damage, as well as a high burn chance. Completing a stack of books yourself may help prevent these effects, but it’s best to avoid. You have to concentrate your damage on the librarian in general, especially since he will often gain a dodge bonus. Concentrating your attacks is wiser, in order to minimize the number of failed attacks.

An interesting detail is that this boss is vulnerable to damage over time, since he will suffer damage with each of his actions (ie 3 times per turn). If you can get past her resistance to bleeding and infection, which are relatively high, you are going to really hurt her. He’s immune to fire damage however, so if you have an Escape in the party she’d probably be better off focusing on books, like Leper.

If the boss arrives in position 1, after all the books have been destroyed, he will enrage and ignite. He’ll then send you a massive AoE fire attack with each of his 3 attacks, which is absolutely devastating and deadly. You really have to kill him before you get there.

This enemy has 3 actions per turn. He’s going to use the books as ammo for his attacks.

You get a lot of useful items as a reward after beating this boss, 25 to the Flame and 2 Mastery Points, money, consumables and especially 2 indelible charms. There seem to be several possible, some more useful than others like hymns on fire, or litanies of fire which give fire resistance (when you don’t really need it anymore).

Once again, if you come out of the fight without losing anyone and make it to the Inn, you have good reason to be optimistic for the rest of the way. Your party should be strong enough to finish the first chapter, if you don’t have an unfortunate accident along the way, for example on the Dreaming General.

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The early access of Darkest Dungeon II is difficult, the stress, relationships, and combat make the stagecoach road hell. Here is a guide with our tips and advice that will help you start and end your journey, killing the boss that awaits you in the mountain.