In an interview with Le Parisien on Friday, September 19, 2021, Daniel Auteuil spoke of one of the reasons why he entered the world of music.

Most cinema fans know him as an actor, director or director, but it is now as a singer that Daniel Auteuil intends to make a name for himself in France. Indeed, on Friday, September 17, 2021, the star unveiled her first album entitled If you had known me. A surprising reconversion for some, but in reality Daniel Auteuil was immersed in the world of music since childhood. His parents, Henri Auteuil and Yvonne Castellan, were lyric singers of operas and operettas in the city of Avignon, where he grew up. This new project is therefore a kind of nod to those who transmitted his passion for melody to him.

“I come from a family of opera singers, my parents were. Singing is first and foremost to please me, but also to pay tribute to them,” said Daniel Auteuil on Friday, September 17, 2021 in the columns of the Parisian. “My first meeting with the public took place at age 4,” he continued. Since then, his love for the stage has never left him. On Tuesday July 13 and Wednesday July 14, 2021, Daniel Auteuil also performed at the Francopholies de La Rochelle to present his musical show entitled Déjeuner en l’air.

Daniel Auteuil is not at his first attempt in the world of music. In 1972, Aude Ambroggi’s husband was 22 years old when he took his first steps in Godspell, an American musical, alongside singing stars such as Dave, Michel Elias and Armande Altaï. A few years later, in 1985, Daniel Auteuil unveiled no less than 4 titles to the French: Que La Vie Me Pardonne, You’re not the baker’s wife, Where she is and You argued Florence. The actor had also interpreted his songs in the program Champs-Élysées, presented by Michel Drucker from 1982 to 1990 on the channel Antenne 2.

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