Kevin Costner is in the spotlight tonight on Arte, thanks to the broadcast of the mythical Dance with the Wolves (1990), a vibrant plea in favor of American Indians which won seven Oscars (out of twelve nominations) and garnered more of $ 424 million in revenue worldwide. Producer, director (it was his first film behind the camera) and main actor of this western, Kevin Costner became after this feat of arms the darling of Hollywood. This story, during the Civil War, of the adoption of Lieutenant John Dunbar by a Sioux tribe, imagined by the author Michael Blake (deceased in 2015), could never have known this beautiful destiny on the big screen. If Kevin Costner had listened to bad tongues, he would have given up on his ambitious project.

Because during the production of his film, all kinds of poisonous rumors circulated in Hollywood. Initially, the rumor circulated (and it was true), that Kevin Costner had misjudged his initial budget, and that it was already out of his pocket to fill the lack of funds (the film will cost him in all 19 million of dollars). From then on, many people in the industry saw the project badly started, predicting the ruin of Kevin Costner and a mediocre western. Especially since originally, the young actor, who had never directed anything, did not want to direct the film, and had approached several filmmakers to do so. But their wishes to change things in the script had made him change his mind. (…)

Charline Bourgeois-Tacquet (Les amours d’Anaïs): “I wanted to show the mechanisms and the force of desire as a motor in our lives” Vice Versa (M6): who are the French voices of this jewel signed Pixar? Jacques Audiard: how the director shot his film The Olympics in full confinement At the origin (Number 23): return to the news item that inspired the film (VIDEO) TV program: the best films to watch this Sunday, August 29 on the free channels

This Sunday, August 29, Reims receives Paris Saint-Germain at the end of the 4th day of Ligue 1. This meeting could be the occasion for Lionel Messi to finally take his first steps in the jersey of the capital. On which channel and at what time to see this Reims / PSG live?

A woman is in a state of “absolute emergency”, and two other people were more slightly injured by this explosion at Port Saint-Pierre.

This Saturday August 28, Clara Luciani was the guest of 50mn Inside on TF1. The singer said it was hard for her mother to understand her daughter’s success.

Monday, August 30, 2021, TPMP returns to C8. Once again, program host Cyril Hanouna has recruited new faces to participate in the ever-heated debates on the channel’s flagship show.

Nandi Bushell had challenged David Grohl on social networks. The challenge ends in style.

Sephora or the story of a success story. The beauty brand, owned by the LVMH group and which has just bought the British Feelunique, is today one of the heavyweights in the sector. This is evidenced by its 860 brands and 78,000 products, not to mention its some 2,600 points of sale in 35 countries. In France as in the United States, the brand multiplies the techniques to make you spend without counting. Explanations.

Filter fine particles from urban pollution, pollen, dust or droplets of Covid suspended in a classroom or living room? Air purifiers are the back-to-school attraction, but communities and consumers are having a hard time making their choice.

Missing since last Wednesday, the young man was found dead near his campus.

Many personalities have headed to Italy to attend the Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda fashion show.

Faustine Bollaert is used to sharing snippets of her private life on her Instagram account. But this Sunday, August 29, the Today Starts host took it a step further by showing an old photo of herself.

C to you, Daily and Touche pas à mon poste! return to the air this Monday, August 30. Here’s everything to look forward to this season.

Invited in the program Estelle Midi this Friday, August 27, Jean-Pierre Pernaut did not mince his words when he mentioned the road checks. He also protested against the control of health passes, he who believes that the police have better things to do.

This Surrey, England resident regarded the loss of her dog as that of her child.

Prince Harry and Meghan became parents for the second time on June 4. Markle are on cloud nine. If the couple is happy, today they have a problem with their house in Montecito.

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), three Tunisian nationals, among others, are in the hands of the police after a large anti-drug operation in Kinshasa. The Congolese Association for Access to Justice (Acaj), however, expresses serious concerns. Police arrested around 100 drug dealers, dealers and consumers, including “bulge”, a powerful narcotic obtained from the mixture of black dust from vehicle exhaust catalysts and vitamins. ► Read on

VIDEO GALA – “An idiot trap”: Jean-Luc Mélenchon unequivocally on the 2022 presidential election

He was formerly a minister in Afghanistan. Now based in Germany, Sayed Sadaat now earns his living as a bicycle takeaway delivery man.

An explosion, due to a rocket fire, was heard in the Afghan capital on Sunday, initially raising fears of a new attack, three days after a deadly attack at the airport.

Emmanuel Macron traveled this Sunday, August 29, to Mosul, the former capital of the Islamic State organization’s caliphate, in northern Iraq. A stage during which the French president underlined that the fight against the terrorist group does not pass only through military action. With our special correspondent in Mosul, Guilhem Delteil In the courtyard of the Convent of Our Lady of the Hour, a group of little girls begins a dance upon the arrival of Emmanuel Macron. These are then a few sco

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