Change in continuity. Vincent Clavier (DVD), until now the first deputy in charge of school affairs for the town of Dammartin-en-Goële was elected this Saturday afternoon by the municipal council to succeed the mayor Michel Dutruge (LR). The latter was sentenced on March 8 to one year of ineligibility by the administrative court of Melun for not presenting his campaign accounts.

Vincent Clavier, 49, yet appointed by Michel Dutruge to succeed him, nevertheless inherits a tense situation. He has indeed received the support of only sixteen of the twenty-nine members of the city council, facing Arnaud Leroy, until then assistant to communication. Five members of Michel Dutruge’s majority have indeed seceded from a perspective of “openness so that the opposition can also express itself and breathe new life into the city”.

“We were 18 to sign a letter incriminating Vincent Clavier, also signed by him, as at fault in the non-reporting of campaign accounts. It cannot be legitimate and credible, believes Arnaud Leroy, who lacked two votes to win. It’s a question of the top of the list. However, I will not be in the opposition ”. Michel Dutruge himself had “charged” Vincent Clavier during the hearing on February 12 in Melun.

“We have to put things in perspective, retorts Vincent Clavier, elected for seven years. It was not my role but that of the head of the list to report the campaign, even though I was the campaign manager of Michel Dutruge. He has also knighted me to take over and respect the organization he has put in place ”. This will include building or rebuilding schools and installing a multi-service hall. “With a very close-knit team”, specifies the one who is an aeronautical maintenance controller.

“Whether it’s Dutruge or Clavier, it’s the same thing. Leroy seemed more unifying, so we supported him with the other two opposition groups, specifies Sylvain Messiean. The person responsible for the mayor’s eviction cannot be a mayor. It is all very fragile. It will be difficult for the mayor to last five years. It’s all a mess ”. Michel Dutruge was still silent this Saturday evening.

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