Damien Abad believes that Valérie Pécresse was “perfectly right” to say that we cannot unconditionally welcome Afghans who wish to flee the Taliban.

“I demand, as the chairman of an opposition group in the National Assembly, a debate on immigration. Afghanistan will change migratory flows. ”Damien Abad, president of the LR group, said Thursday on franceinfo. “I prefer fewer refugees but better received,” he added.

“We cannot afford in France to have a massive and unconditional welcome from the Afghans even though we have uncontrolled immigration and have failed to integrate into our country. It’s reality. Valérie Pécresse “is therefore absolutely right” in saying that we cannot have an unconditional welcome.

“We cannot welcome all the Afghans who want to flee the Taliban regime. France does not have the capacity for this reception. There must be a European organization ”

It takes control “much stricter than what has been done by the government” over the Afghans that France welcomes. “There was a major failure. We must prevent the Afghans we welcome on French territory from being a terrorist risk. ” Damien Abad assures us that he “defends the right of asylum, but regrets that he is definitely misguided”. It is better to accommodate “1,000 perfectly integrated and controlled Afghans than to take in 3,000 or 5,000 totally out of control.

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