Dagenham & Redbridge striker Paul McCallum celebrates a goal with his teammates
– Photo credit: Gavin Ellis / TGS Photo

Dagenham & Redbridge manager Daryl McMahon felt his teams’ performance warranted victory despite being bogged down for a 1-1 draw with Wrexham.

Striker Paul McCallum brought Daggers in lead on 51 minutes before Wrexham’s Paul Rutherford showed a red card for a dangerous tackle.

Jordan Ponticelli equalized in the 90th minute, but it was too little too late when the Red Dragons took the Play Missed National League off places.

“I definitely thought our performance was great from start to finish, and in the end they would always exercise caution because of their situation,” said McMahon.

“We should have Can and should finish the game, that’s something we have to get better at, we know that anyway. “

Wrexham attacked everything in the final stages when they were trying to find a way into the top 7, and although they scored the equalizer, it proved not enough.

“It’s hard because they just forgot to defend and I think we had to be a little more controlled and play after the first and second ball as we could have created more opportunities. “

” There might have been a selfish moment or two when someone could have passed the ball, but overall, as I say, it was an excellent performance. “

The boss agrees that the The entire season was an enormous learning curve as they finished the season as one of the best teams in the division.

“All in all, the first piece was difficult and difficult to go through, and we learned a lot about the players and about how which we had to improve.

“During the season we really developed and I don’t think we stopped as a club and let the season slip. We fought to make it a good season and to finish as high as possible. “

” In that regard, it’s been a massive learning season for us and we hope we can come back and pick up where we left off have. “

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