Each day has enough trouble of its ! When Cyril Hanouna feels the emotion wins him, he lets himself go, forgetting the cameras. What happened ?

On the set of TPMP, Cyril Hanouna and his columnists are in apnea. When Dinah’s mother recounts that minute everything changed, viewers fall into a nightmare with her. “I got up at two in the morning to go to the bathroom. I saw light in his room. I wanted to go home to scold her. She was not in her bed. I turned my head, and found her hanging from her closet, with a belt. ” What happened to the young teenager decides to end her life so brutally? She had her whole life ahead of her. Objeko reveals the ins and outs of the drama to you. Be careful, we are entering an area of ​​turbulence.

Dinah’s family is sticking with it. It is far from an isolated case. In 2021 alone, she is the “19th victim of harassment.” Devastated by grief, her mother tries to remain dignified. It’s simple, she has a goal to get in touch with other people in the same situation. Maybe this will help him better understand his daughter’s gesture. As usual with his guests, Cyril Hanouna will do what he can to surround them with all his kindness and empathy. We remember his attitude towards this victim of an incredible assault. By offering him a platform at TPMP, he gives him morale. Anyone who has just written a book of testimonies knows that he can influence the younger generations. Big brother at heart, he will remain so forever!

Unlike others, Dinah’s brother knew what was going on at school. He collected his sister’s confidences and regularly sounded the alarm bells. Unfortunately, the establishment does not react … or very little! Revolted by the situation, Cyril Hanouna decides to send a strong message to the troublemakers.

Testimony from the mother and brother of Dinah, 14, who committed suicide after two years of bullying at school. #TPMP pic.twitter.com/XZdgalxF1k

Wherever they are, Baba hopes that they will listen to his speech and heed his warnings. “All the young people watching us, harassment, I’m telling you, it’s a coward, big deal. It’s not a pride to harass someone who is in trouble, who is different, who wants to live differently from you (…) It’s pitiful. You are anything but heroes! “

Then, Cyril Hanouna takes advantage of his notoriety to throw a bottle into the sea. Close to Marlène Schiappa, he hopes that she will take the matter seriously. She and principals have every interest in reviewing their copy. It can’t go on like this anymore, it’s a massacre. It’s simple, we’re going straight into the wall. So, a few months before the presidential election, he warns candidates that they will have to keep their promises. “The institutions and the government really need to be much tougher (…) This is unacceptable”

Testimony from the mother and brother of Dinah, 14, who committed suicide after two years of bullying at school. #TPMP pic.twitter.com/gmjd4hzKH5

Tears in his eyes, unable to fix his gaze on Dinah’s family, Cyril Hanouna nevertheless has a mission to which he will not deviate. “If you need anything, to do anything for you, to get things done, of course we will always be there (…) We will move heaven and earth so that justice is done”. Moved, the mother promises to contact him again on his return from Morocco. After 40 days of mourning, she will not let go until the culprits are punished for their nauseating attitude. In turn, Objeko’s editorial staff send all their kindness to those close to victory. As soon as there is any news on this file, we will keep you informed.

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