A few days before Touche’s return to my post, Cyril Hanouna posted a brand new look in the trailer for his show, Wednesday, August 25, 2021. A sartorial choice that did not please everyone.

Cyril Hanouna is about to experience a completely crazy new season. While he will follow up the broadcasts, he will still be at the helm of his flagship program, Touche pas à mon poste. Moreover, Wednesday August 25, 2021, he unveiled the trailer for the new season which will begin on C8, Monday August 30, 2021. “My darlings, Monday August 30, live on C8 for the big return of your appointment: TPMP. I’m just too impatient to see you again, it’s going to be a year of phew! “, he said in a short video shared on social networks. As usual, the troublemaker of the channel was able to surprise viewers by displaying a new look, to say the least surprising.

We can discover him with longer hair than usual, a beard and an earring. A look that was reminiscent of the new style of the famous Paris Saint-Germain football player. “But no, Neymar?”, Then asked Eric Mendès, the driver of the show. “It’s not Neymar, it’s Cyril,” replied the host in a tone of humor. However, internet users don’t seem to really appreciate the new look of their favorite host.

My darlings rendezvous on Monday August 30, live on @ C8TV for the big return of your meeting: @TPMP! I just can’t wait to see you again, it’s going to be a crazy year! pic.twitter.com/a4Xsn53FJ2

“We will have to do something for your hair”, “I like it with its new cut”, “On the other hand, hair lol it’s a new fashion” or “No, but you’re serious Baba it ‘ What is this cut? “, can one read in particular in the comments. There is no doubt that the father of the family will do everything necessary to please his viewers for the start of the school year. Once again, he hopes to beat audience ratings and please those who follow him and support him since the premiere of Touche, not at my post.

Child of TV, Cyril Hanouna turned his back on odd jobs in the late 1990s to start writing a sitcom for …

I watched his show at the beginning, it was cool. And then, the more it went, the more it slipped, so I no longer look. Now, good for him if it works. It takes all tastes.

Do you already know the guests? You are strong. If you don t like it don t look you will hurt yourself!

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