Everything is political, and television in particular. For several years now, the program Touche pas à mon poste has largely gone beyond the framework of simple entertainment around television. Personalities of all kinds have been invited to the set (Marlène Schiappa has made several appearances there), and while the presidential election of 2022 is preparing, Cyril Hanouna does not intend to miss an opportunity to hold hearings. . On October 6, the star host of C8 will notably publish a book entitled What the French told me. In the book, co-written by Christophe Barbier, he will speak of “his vision of France in 2022”, according to Paris Match, and therefore very likely of the country’s policy. And in the meantime, he did not hesitate to confide in his own choices in terms of candidates.

In an interview with jeanmarcmorandini.com, the C8 star agreed to discuss his relationship with politics. “I’ve always been passionate about politics. I watched everything, I watched the debates. I loved it and the fact that there was a little brawl at home, it made me take a little more interest in it. I have always been a little more on the side of my father (former supporter of François Mitterrand). Always more on the left. Now, today, on the left, I cannot find anyone. “

He specifies: “Humanly, Jean-Luc Mélenchon I like him. After that I do not agree with him on all his ideas. I get along very well with Emmanuel Macron, it’s no secret. Get along very well with Xavier Bertrand. The only one I don’t know well is Marine Le Pen. I’ve never met her. Maybe Marine Le Pen will come to my set for a while. ” The candidate of the National Rally in TPMP? The invitation seems to have been launched.

Cyril Hanouna does not hide his privileged relationship with the current President of the Republic. It’s hard to forget that, during the electoral campaign, he had succeeded in settling down at TF1 after a debate between the candidates, in order to interview Emmanuel Macron live for C8. A complicity that has been proven throughout this five-year term with the regular interventions of members of the government (appeal to Jean-Michel Blanquer, passages from Marlène Schiappa and Gabriel Attal …).

And, in his interview with Jean Marc Morandini, the host clearly suggests who he voted for in the last presidential election: “In the first round, I said that I voted for someone who ends in ‘on’. You have the choice between Mélenchon, Macron, Fillon and Hamon. It’s not Hamon, plus I like it. It’s not Fillon. ” And between Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Emmanuel Macron, his choice seems easy to determine.

On August 24, 2021, Laure and Matthieu (MAPR5) welcomed their first child. On a cloudy note since the long-awaited arrival of their daughter, they finally find their family home four days later, with baby Lya.

More than two weeks after the earthquake in Haiti, questions are emerging about how to distribute humanitarian aid equitably to all victims of the disaster. So that these distributions do not turn into a chaotic crush, several organizations are working with a card system. With our special envoys in Anse-à-Veau, in the department of Nippes, Stefanie Schüler and Nicolas Bénita A small crowd throngs in front of the gate of the parish of Sainte-Anne. P

The one who is described as “the greatest gossip of the English aristocracy” has once again struck! Lady Colin Campbell was once again very rude about Meghan Markle. In a Youtube video, the royal expert is not deadlocked.

Passing through the cameras from Seven to Eight this Sunday, August 29, Soprano confided with emotion about the death of his father, who succumbed to the coronavirus.

A modeling study carried out by French researchers indicates that 47,000 lives have been saved in France thanks to the vaccination against Covid-19.

VIDEO GALA – Soprano looks back on the brutal death of his father: “It’s still hard for me”

The President of the Republic announced this Saturday that he wanted to be able to carry out new evacuations of Afghans in the short-medium-long term, despite the end of the airlift put in place by France in recent days. 2,834 people were also evacuated from Kabul to Paris.

It is not uncommon to see Elodie Gossuin’s family reunited on social media. On Saturday August 28, 2021, the ex-Miss France shared a snapshot of her clan to mark the end of the summer vacation on her Instagram account. And kisses are required to face the next school year.

A week after the serious incidents last Sunday against Marseille, Nice easily defeated Bordeaux 4-0, disappointing, in the Allianz Riviera behind closed doors, during the 4th day of Ligue 1, and confirms its good start to season in sport.

To fight against an increase in Covid-19 contamination, linked to the Delta variant, the Hebrew state has decided to allow all people aged 12 and over to receive a third dose of the vaccine.

Albert Saint-Cyr lives in Anse-à-Veau, in the department of Nippes. His house collapsed in the earthquake of August 14, 2021. How to get up after losing everything? Testimony. From our special envoys in Les Nippes, When we meet Albert Saint-Cyr, he sits on an old mattress in the shade of the rubble of his house, a farmer’s pickaxe at his feet. Albert Saint-Cyr: The morning of the earthquake, I was there, under this coconut tree. My wife and two of our children propped up

Many personalities have headed to Italy to attend the Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda fashion show.

In Afghanistan, the Western presence is drying up a little more every day. French Ambassador to Kabul David Martinon left the scene over the weekend, wishing to be the last to leave. He nevertheless continued his mission from Paris. A thousand people, according to estimates, are still asking for repatriation.

This Monday, August 30, it’s back to school for Cartman on Fun Radio from 9:00 p.m. Télé-Loisirs reveals an exclusive extract, shot during the studio tests, and it concerns a big mess because of the rules of a game too complicated to explain.

This Sunday, August 29, Lionel Messi set foot for the first time on the lawn with the colors of PSG. The Argentina international caused a sensation in the stands of the Reims stadium where the players were playing the 4th day of the League. Reims goalkeeper Predrag Rajkovic took the opportunity to make a special request to the Argentine player.

Missing since last Wednesday, the young man was found dead near his campus.

Three days after the double bombing of Kabul airport claimed by Daesh-K, the US military announced that it had carried out a new operation on August 29. It targeted a vehicle the Pentagon said was carrying suicide bombers en route to the airport. On Friday the 27th, the US military had already carried out retaliatory strikes against Daesh-K.

This August 28 on her Instagram account, Maeva Martinez, known for her participation in reality TV shows, announced that she had a miscarriage, even though she had just learned that she was pregnant …

Swimmer Alex Portal had already claimed bronze in the 400m freestyle on Friday August 27th.

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