Cyril Hanouna makes a huge revelation on the private life of Benjamin Castaldi live from the TPMP plateau!

Wednesday October 6, 2021 in TPMP, Benjamin Castaldi returned to his meeting with Flavie Flament. Cyril Hanouna then made a huge revelation about them, undermining the columnist… MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

As you probably know, Cyril Hanouna loves to tease Benjamin Castaldi. His favorite subject? The love life of its columnist!

It must be said that there is matter. The former Secret Story host has married many times and has had children with three different women.

The first two are born from his union with Valérie Sapienza, a young woman hitherto unknown to the French. The couple separated in 2001.

The following year, the son of Jean-Pierre Castaldi and Catherine Allégret married the very famous Flavie Flament. The two stars then announced the birth of Enzo on February 8, 2004.

In 2006, they decide to separate and divorce two years later. After 3 years of mourning, Benjamin Castaldi finds comfort in the arms of Vanessa Broussouloux.

Their love story ends in 2016, when the TPMP columnist married Aurore Alemen, his current partner.

On August 27, 2020, the latter gave him a fourth child, little Gabriel. Since then, Cyril Hanouna’s friend has been living on a cloud! Everything seems to be going well with his wife.

But the man at the head of Touche not at my post does not hesitate to plunge him back into his romantic past … With each program a new spike!

In the last issue, he said a little too much… MCE TV tells you more!

Wednesday October 6, 2021 live from TPMP, Benjamin Castaldi returned to his meeting with Falvie Flament. One more time !

He explains that their eyes met on the stage of a program organized for Les Petits Princes. They performed a song there together.

“We had met before, we had rehearsed, but the moment it matched in the eyes, it was on the set,” says the very famous columnist.

At that time, Cyril Hanouna’s friend was still married to Valérie Sapienza. Flavie Flament had just divorced. It was then that the PAF troublemaker made a huge blunder …

He declares loud and clear that the TV host was still in a relationship! And with another host… “Ah! She was with Emmanuel Chain “, balances the father of Lino and Bianca directly from the set.

Words that Valérie Bénaïm confirms: “I told her:‘ Wait, you calm down right away. You go down two floors. Ok, you fell in love with it. A knife blow in the contract, it can happen. Calm down !’. “

“Because I know him, he’s impulsive,” she continues then. You’re not going to screw it all up! “Enough to embarrass Benjamin Castaldi …

When Baba comes back in song about the marriage between @B_Castaldi and Flavie Flament 😂 #TPMP

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