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The least we can say is that Cyril Hanouna does not keep his tongue in his pocket for very long, and he was able to prove it once again with a rather shocking statement concerning a legendary journalist Léa Salamé that he has could violently criticize. Indeed, in Touche’s most recent show not at my post, the host of C8 clearly didn’t hesitate to be able to say everything he thought about the radio journalist.

Unfortunately, this did not please everyone who can follow him on social media at all, and they were able to make it known with quite violent remarks, as some have already seen. But it takes a lot more to be able to impress Cyril Hanouna and he has already had other slippages in the past. Indeed, the latter was able to recently criticize the show Les Z’amours which will stop soon on France 2. He clearly did not hesitate for a second to say loud and clear that the show was far too vulgar these days. .

We can also say that Cyril Hanouna is also very critical of his former chroniclers, especially with Jean-Luc Lemoine. The host did not hesitate to criticize the comedian for his show on France 3, where he was able to laugh at his audiences, which are nevertheless of high quality. The latter did not deprive himself of being able to react to Cyril Hanouna’s statements, with a rather scathing message from Jean-Luc Lemoine.

As languages ​​are loosened more and more in the field of journalism, no one could have imagined for a single second that Cyril Hanouna could have been so violent against his fellow journalist Léa Salamé. He didn’t enjoy his last interview at all, and he was able to make it known in front of millions of viewers on C8 where he was not at all kind, to say the least. In a rather disturbing live message, he clearly did not hesitate to say that Léa Salamé was a journalist like him, a “butcher”.

A big attack that the biggest fans of Léa Salamé did not appreciate at all, to say the least. On social networks, we can no longer count the number of quite violent tackles against Cyril Hanouna which is not lacking. Indeed, it turns out that the journalist is very popular and very followed on social networks, and some clearly did not hesitate for a single second to say loud and clear that Cyril Hanouna was not legitimate to judge Léa’s work. Salamé, who mainly focuses on political interviews, although Cyril Hanouna’s intervention concerned the interview with rapper Booba.

In addition to criticizing the journalist violently, it turns out that Cyril Hanouna also did not deprive himself of being able to criticize all of France Inter radio as well. Indeed, he made it clear that the only thing he liked about this radio was the fact that there was no commercial: enough to make fans cringe!

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