If France plans to one day produce a remake of “101 Dalmatians”, it may have two of the protagonists: Laury Thilleman in Cruella d´Enfer and Juan Arbelaez as a white dog with black spots!

Sunday, Miss France 2011 posted pictures on her Instagram account where she is disguised as a great Disney villain holding her husband on a leash since 2019 on a seafront terrace. The painting is more reminiscent of a dominatrix and her subject than ‘ at a children’s stage. We do not know the occasion of this role play, if it is only “Juan Arbelaez had always dreamed of it and it shows”, as the caption Laury Thilleman writes.

Several personalities, folded with laughter, commented on the four photos. “HAHAHAAAAAAAAA! You are perfect !! ” wrote singer Élodie Frégé, “perfect match!” added Miss France 2019 Vaimalama Chaves, “magic” added presenter Valérie Damidot, while dancer Christian Millette remained incredulous.

Ref: https://www.lematin.ch