Sport Cristiano Ronaldo finally back to Manchester… United?

PLOT TWIST This transfer window is crazy, CR7 was gone to go to City, but he could eventually return to United

The end of the transfer window is unbreathable, and everything indicates that it will be until the end. Cristiano Ronaldo left Juventus for good on Friday morning. In view of recent rumors, everything indicated that the Portuguese would sign at
Manchester City and thus betray its first major foreign club,
Manchester United. But within hours, the situation reversed. Several English media are announcing that the Citizens have made no official offer and that the Red Devils are ready to welcome their former legend.

Current coach and former Ronaldo teammate at Old Trafford Ole Gunnar Solskjaer does not deny the contacts between the two sides. “We have always had good contact. I know Bruno (Fernandes) spoke to him as well. If he were to leave Juventus, he knows we’re there, “the Norwegian technician said at a press conference.

City side Pep Guardiola is not closing the door, proof that all is not over. “It’s Cristiano who will decide where he wants to play, not Manchester City or myself. For now, that still seems a long way off. With these types of players, they are the ones who decide. They knock on the door, they call, and then there are situations that I cannot control. “

At Old Trafford, the speech is a little warmer. “I didn’t think Cristiano was going to leave. There has been some speculation the last few days, of course, ”said Solksjaer, who was fairly vague, while trying to coax CR7 down just fine. “Cristiano was a legend of this club. He’s the greatest player of all time if you ask me, “said the coach. Is that how you say “come home” in Norwegian?

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