What a puzzle! Crime à…, Murtres à…, The Art of Crime or Perfect Crimes: France Télévisions’ detective series have titles so similar that it can be difficult to navigate. Their common denominator? An investigation led by a duo and often a success. Apart from that, each has its specificities. On the occasion of the rebroadcast of Crime in Hérault followed by Crime in Martigues, Saturday June 19 on France 3, we decided to clarify things. Afterwards, everything will be… crystal clear!

This series features the Deputy Public Prosecutor Elisabeth Richard, played by Florence Pernel, who always arrives at the scene of a crime behind the wheel of her small car and investigates with a gendarme. Its scope of intervention? The south of France, from Lozère to Aveyron, via Aigues-Mortes or the Alpilles. So far, the actress has formed a crisp duo with Vincent Winterhalter. Since Crime in the Lubéron, it is no longer a question of a trio since Florence Pernel is now collaborating with a new captain played by Guillaume Cramoisan and his sparkling assistant played by Lola Dewaere, always perfect.

Launched in 2013, this collection (which will celebrate its 10th anniversary with a nice surprise) is the most recognized by the public. Each episode highlights the regions, the murders being each time committed in different cities. The duets, which with a few exceptions change with each story, are always interpreted (…)

The call of the stork (France 2): find out which actress replaces Véronique Genest in the TV movie adapted from Marc-Olivier Fogiel’s book Man in an Orange Shirt (Canal): this poignant love story between two soldiers in the 1940s is -Is it inspired by a true story? Audrey Fleurot, JoeyStarr, Mélanie Page, Jaime Lorente… The stars on the red carpet of the Monte-Carlo Festival (PHOTOS) Channel: Engrenages, Baron noir… Our top series to discover The Mysteries of Love (TMC): Nicolas (Patrick Puydebat) and the boys go back to rehearsal ‘, Fanny (Elsa Esnoult) and Christian (Sébastien Roch) again targeted by the sect

France 2 will soon launch the filming of The Call of the Stork, a TV movie inspired by Marc-Olivier Fogiel’s book about his fight to have his two daughters, with his companion. After the ousting of Véronique Genest, Le Parisien reveals which actress replaced her.

Anne Sinclair was on the set of Quotidien this Friday, June 18, to talk about her book “Passé Composé”. The opportunity also for the journalist to indulge in some confidences about her companion Pierre Nora.

According to sports commentator Daniel Bravo, the Blues have abandoned the idea of ​​putting one knee to the ground during the next meetings of Euro 2020.

Following the death of his wife, Prince Charles had been suspected by the police of having ordered his assassination. Indeed, Lady Diana predicted in a note that she would die in a car accident …

A resumption of the epidemic in the south of the country has forced authorities to close ports essential to world trade. A situation that could cause significant delays in deliveries to all corners of the world.

This Saturday, June 19, it was in the show 50mn Inside on TF1 that Camille Lacourt and Alice Detollenaere returned to the birth of their little Marius. A birth that gave them a lot of cold sweats …

Long the most powerful politician in the United States and first opponent of Donald Trump, Democratic leader in Congress Nancy Pelosi must now put to work her recognized talents as a strategist to overcome growing internal tensions, and have a chance of ‘carry out Joe Biden’s promises.

The Head of State commemorated Friday the appeal of June 18, 1940 of General de Gaulle, in the presence of Hubert Germain, Léon Gautier and Colette Marin-Catherine.

In an interview with Le Figaro Madame, Laetitia Casta discusses the way in which she approaches the word of her children, their education, in this extended siblings, where several generations come together.

VIDEO GALA – Death of Diana: the surgeon who “did everything to save her” speaks for the first time

During his press conference following the indictment of Cédric Jubillar for intentional homicide on a spouse, the public prosecutor of Toulouse unveiled little-known details of the case, in particular on particularly disturbing noises heard by two neighbors.

In her book entitled Compound Past released at Grasset, Anne Sinclair returned to her relationship with Nicolas Sarkozy. A character that the Huffington Post reporter does not carry in her heart …

Two days before the departmental and regional elections, Natacha Bouchart, mayor of Les Républicains de Calais and candidate alongside Xavier Bertrand in Hauts-de-France, was invited to Europe 1 on Friday evening. She defended the outgoing president’s record and attacked the National Rally.

This is a surprise that Bruno Guillon did not expect. On June 19, the host of Z’amours received the distant cousins ​​of Emmanuel Macron on his show. The couple recounted their astonishing relationship with the head of state and appealed to him.

In her book titled J’emmerde Cendrillon, Alessandra Sublet recounts her meeting with actor Hugh Grant. The latter also offered her a gift that she will not forget.

Invited in the last issue of Icons, the program of Michel Denisot on Europe 1, Jacques Dutronc made some confidences concerning Françoise Hardy. He notably restored a truth after a statement by the singer.

On Instagram Thursday, June 17, 2021, Tiziri, the companion of Lucas Digne, revealed the nickname she has given to her daughter since her birth. Find out with Closer.

A few weeks after her breakup with Yannick, Mélina gave an interview to YouTuber Sam Zirah. She thus revealed the very brutal way in which she was left by the one who is now her ex-husband.

On the occasion of the upcoming release of the film “Black Widow”, actress Scartlett Johansson returned to the hypersexualization of her character first introduced in “Iron Man 2” in 2010.

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