The PS mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, who was committed to opening as of this summer a first place of specific care for crack users in the capital, offers several possible sites for Prime Minister Jean Castex, in a letter sent on Monday.

“It is high time to open the additional places of care that will allow these people to get out of the street and their dependence”, hammers the mayor who presented © “four solutions” to elected officials, associations and residents of north-eastern Paris during a new meeting on the subject Monday evening.

Anne Hidalgo notably offers “a site suitable for day / night reception and a care activity” in the XXth arrondissement, “operational before the end of the year” , two sites in the Grands Boulevards district, “including one operational before the end of the year”, and a site for women drug addicts in the 19th arrondissement.

The opening of these sites should contribute, according to the mayor, to “a lasting solution to the problem of crack” in Paris, symbolized by the daily grouping of drug addicts on rue Riquet since that time. Access to the Aeolian Gardens, near Stalingrad, was prohibited at the end of June.

For several months, Anne Hidalgo has been calling for the opening of new reception centers for drug addicts combining care, accommodation and consumption areas. The right-wing opposition is, for its part, headlong against lower risk consumption rooms (SCMR) called “shooting rooms”, a term rejected by the elected official. socialist.

At the beginning of June, the office of the Minister of Health Olivier Và © ran had judged the results of the two structures of this kind tested in Paris and Strasbourg since 2016 as “positive”, and had explained that they wanted to  “Perpetuate” in common law these devices, whose experimentation was only planned until 2022.

The possible candidate of the PS for the presidential election also proposes to “extend the hours of support” as well as the “care and services” in the eight places of reception for drug addicts already open in the 18th arrondissement.

For all these new services, the mayor of the capital, who also asks “for the creation of equivalent places in other municipalities” of Greater Paris, calls on the Prime Minister on ”  the financing of these medico-social devices  ».

She thus calls for “a significant increase in the means of the judicial police to fight against trafficking in cocaine and its derivatives [â ?? ¦], to dismantle the remonstrances. supply buckets and fight associated crime ”.