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A military commander has given the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) , New People’s Army (NPA) and National Democratic Front (NDF) offered to give vaccines positive for coronavirus disease (COVID- 19).

Maj. Gen. Romeo Brawner Jr., commander of the 4th Die at separate armed encounters in the cities of San Fe rnando and Valencia were found to be COVID positive.

“I want to inform you that COVID-19 does not spare anyone – soldiers, police officers, civil servants, ordinary citizens and even members of the CPP-NPA-NDF. We are ready to provide COVID-19 vaccines to the CTG [Communist Terrorist Groups] if they decide to give up the armed struggle and work with us, ”said Brawner on Sunday evening September 12th.

Accordingly, the 88th Infantry Battalion (88IB) collided with members of the Malayag Guerrilla Front, Sub-Regional Committee 2 (SRC), North Central Mindanao Regional Committee (NCMRC) in Brgy. Mabuhay, San Fernando, Valencia on September 8th, where four NPAs were killed and 10 more captured.

“[Jillian] tested positive on an antigen test, so we did an RT-PCR test to confirm. We’re still waiting for the results, ”said Maj. Francisco Garello, 4ID spokesman, the Manila Bulletin in Filipino.

Three of the captured NPAs also tested positive and identified as alias Taburok, female, 17; alias Manman; and aka Daniel.

Meanwhile, the 88IB also played a role in an armed encounter with the same NPA unit in Sitio Narulang, Brgy. Laligan, Valencia on September 10th.

Four NPA rebels were captured during the encounter – all positive for COVID-19. They were identified only by their aliases: Anjie, 17-year-old Jayson, 15-year-old RK and Kib, who is positive for the Delta variant.

“Many in the ranks of the NPA may have COVID-19, as evidenced by the positive test results of the captured and dead CNTs, “said Brawner.

Brawner appealed to the NPA leadership to” abandon the armed struggle “as the country” is currently facing an invisible enemy that is even more serious and deadly , where it does not exclude anyone, the COVID-19 “.

” I personally appeal to Jorge Madlos alias Ka Oris and his group to return to the peaceful path now and go down from the mountains so that they receive vaccines and adequate medical care “He said, referring to the leader of the NPA unit in Bukidnon.

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