3… 2… 1… Let’s jam! Netflix finally has a date to announce for the arrival of its live version of the cult anime Cowboy Bebop. See you on November 19 to see the result, which is already showing through a few photos.

Will the series live up to the original work? The first pictures in any case make you want to believe it.

For many, the anime
Cowboy Bebop is one of the best ever. Also, when a live series version was announced some time ago, many faces contorted in doubt and apprehension. Netflix seems to have gone to the end of the project despite everything, and the SVoD service
finally has a release date to announce. On November 19, spectators will therefore be able to (re) discover the eventful adventures of the most famous space bounty hunters in the world (or almost).

To accompany the dog Ein (who will of course be the real star of the series), John Cho (Star Trek) will be Spike Spiegel, Mustafa Shakir (Luke Cage) will be Jet Black and Daniella Pineda (The Originals) will be Faye Valentine. And, while that doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the final product will be perfect, the original director, Shinichirō Watanabe, will be at the production accompanied by Yoko Kanno on the music.

Until recently, I only showed a polite interest in Star Wars. However, since the movie Rogue One, the series The Clone Wars
and now its sequel, The Bad Batch, I have to face the facts: I have become a fan of the saga and its universe.

Once is not customary, in this Monitor [s] we are not going to talk about a series. No, we’re going to talk about an animated saga made up of… three series. Indeed, if Trollhunters remains the foundation of Tales of Arcadia, we should not forget 3Below and Wizards, which follow it; and the concluding film, Rise of the Titans.

Don’t panic, Nestflix is ​​not yet another SVoD service
. It is a simple website proposing to answer a request as fun as niche: to find the fake series and the fake films diffused within real cinematographic works.

… And the news hardly seems to enchant good old Frodo Baggins, or rather Elijah Wood.

On August 25, Games Workshop will launch Warhammer, a subscription service that will allow the most fans to have access to applications, animated series, various bonuses or even a figurine.

Bloody battles, raids, longships and clan wars in epic landscapes… Norsemen is definitely a Viking adventure. But it’s also a hilarious comedy, with a backstory and well-exploited modern themes. More than a Kaamelott of the far North? You have three seasons to decide… Skal!

Update: We’ve clarified the conditions for earning loss compensation for streamers.

And this is a successful third dice roll for Marvel. With Loki, Disney
once again offers a series full of surprises, which could well influence the future of the MCU
. Loki is a daring work in many ways, with a memorable visual and sound touch. When the god of mischief refuses to leave and prefers to leave his mark, he sure does it very well.

This is a series that I didn’t think I would watch, enjoy, or review. And I’m glad I was wrong all along. Ted Lasso is a series of contagious sweetness and welcome in a time when optimism and kindness are needed more than ever. The best news? Season 2 has just started on Apple TV!

After Do robots make love?
We continue the momentum of transhumanism with a French novel that I particularly liked: Obsolètes. This incredible anticipatory thriller grabbed me from start to finish, shaping the contours of a future as beautiful as it is deadly. Turn on your cybernetic brains, it will heat up!

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