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The introduction of the new warning system for coronavirus disease ( COVID-19) should be viewed by the public as a simplified restriction to avoid confusion with health and safety protocols.

In an interview on GMA News, DILG Under-Secretary of State and Spokesman Jonathan Malaya said the public had previously Abolish “CQ (Community Quarantines)” guidelines and should only refer to the fact that the alert levels comply with the new Ri Health and Safety Guidelines.

Malaya was referring to the earlier health protocols namely Extended Community Quarantine (ECQ), Modified Extended Community Quarantine (MECQ), General Community Quarantine (GCQ), and Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ).

He even admitted that it was sometimes confused with the numerous previous policies, some of which were associated with increased alertness and other levels of restriction.

Malaya also noted that the new simplified alert level system with granular Lockdown will be the blueprint for the implementation of health and safety protocols across the country.

Aside from minor kinks, Malaya stated that the guidelines for the alert level have been ironed out, with only a few areas of concern up for debate in the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) are available, being the spokesman for the president n, Harry Roque, will hopefully make the announcement of these guidelines on September 13th or 14th during his press conference following the President’s approval of the proposal Malaya that there will be a 50/50 cost-sharing program between the LGUs and the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), with local support the first week followed by the national government in the second week. The DILG official also stressed that it was up to the LGUs to provide cash assistance to their voters in the areas under granular lockdowns.

Malaya added that she was discussing with Metro Manila mayors to ensure that vegetables and fresh produce are included in food packaging after concerns were raised that they would contain mostly sardines.

During the granu After the closure, Malaya stated that grocery delivery services are allowed but they must leave items in the border areas where the checkpoints are located, where LGUs have a system for bringing them to designated households.

According to According to the granular lockdown rules, people after Malaya are forbidden outdoors, even if they are to receive their second COVID-19 dose, and must wait for the restriction to expire.

In those cases, Malaya announced that said people would after Have to submit their original vaccination schedules at the end of their quarantine period and receive their second dose as a walk-in applicant.

He stressed that granular bans are imposed without warning, as announcing ahead of time would defeat the purpose of the restriction as people Most likely to leave the area if they knew the protocol’s schedule.

The DILG spokesman said residents who vacated their homes before arriving After the granular lockdown, they may have to temporarily seek refuge in their relatives’ homes, as their places have been marked as critical zones.

Malaya emphasized that only fully vaccinated police officers occupy the checkpoint in the border areas of the locations under granular barriers adding that they must take the necessary precautions to avoid becoming infected with the virus. (Chito A. Chavez)

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