Two-thirds of Californians 12 years and older – 65.9 percent – received at least one vaccine for COVID-19 before expecting a busy Memorial Day weekend for summer travel.

According to the centers for that Disease control and prevention, 69.3 percent of residents aged 18 and over have at least one vaccine shot and 53.6 percent are fully vaccinated. Among residents aged 65 and over who were prioritized early for vaccination, 90.5 percent had at least one shot and 71.6 percent were fully vaccinated.

Positive vaccination numbers were due to low rates of new COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths reached. On Friday, the California counties reported 1,319 new cases, according to this news organization. The state has a 7-day average of 1,677 daily cases.

San Bernardino County reported the highest number of new cases with 207, followed by Los Angeles County with 203 cases and Sacramento County with 112. Kern, San counties followed Diego and Riverside.

On Thursday, 1,161 patients with confirmed COVID-19 were hospitalized in California, a 1.2 percent decrease from the previous day. That’s the lowest number since at least March 29, 2020, the earliest data available.

And there were 272 ICU patients, a 4.2 percent decrease from the previous day, and about half of the 545 ICU patients on May 29. March last year, just a few weeks after the pandemic.

Fewer cases and hospitalizations also meant fewer deaths from the virus. On Friday, California counties reported 48 deaths, an average of 51 deaths per day for seven days. Death dates are based on when a death was publicly reported, not necessarily when it occurred.

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Los Angeles County, the state’s largest and hardest-hit state, reported 12 deaths, followed by Santa Clara County with seven and San Bernardino County with five. They were followed by Solano, Alameda and Tulare counties.

In the Bay Area, Alameda County has reported 64 new cases and three deaths, for a total of 88,837 cases and 1,684 deaths, since the pandemic began. Contra Costa County reported 42 cases and zero deaths for a total of 69,574 cases and 799 deaths. San Mateo County reported 13 cases and three deaths for a total of 42,069 cases and 576 deaths.

Santa Clara County reported 11 cases and seven deaths for a total of 119,017 cases and 2,142 deaths. And San Francisco reported seven cases and no new deaths for a total of 36,633 cases and 542 deaths.