Elisabeth Borne met this Thursday employers and unions to take stock of the consequences of the fifth wave. She called for vigilance on wearing a mask, barrier gestures and distancing measures. In collective catering, the respect of the distance of 2 meters reappears in the health protocol from Monday.

Few will be those who will celebrate the end of the year at work … As with teleworking, the government has chosen the soft method and does not intend to ban drinking in business, but “moments of conviviality are now largely discouraged”, announced representatives of social partners at the end of a meeting this Thursday with the Minister of Labor, Elisabeth Borne, devoted to Covid.

Despite the violence of the fifth wave, few imperative standards will reappear in the new version of the company health protocol which was to be sent to them during the day and will apply from this Monday. With one exception: collective catering where the distance of 2 meters between each guest will reappear.

In any case, there was no demand from the employers and the unions. If they are careful to rely on the health authorities and the government for setting the rules, the change of context is underlined by all. “The period is not the same as a few weeks ago, but we are not in the situation of a year ago either”, agreed Marylise Léon of the CFDT.

“It’s very different from last year because a large part of the population is vaccinated and the government wants to speed up access to the third dose,” noted Béatrice Clicq from Force Ouvrière at the end of the meeting. .

“Today, we have all the tools to do well, vaccines in quantity, vaccinodromes, health protocols, individual and collective health equipment”, underlined for his part François Asselin, president of the CPME, pleading for to “trust local actors in companies”.

Businesses and personal situations “are not equal,” insisted his counterpart from Medef, Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, who wrote to his members at the beginning of the week to ask them to strengthen health precautions in the face of the fifth wave. “What is important is to get out of the general rules and go for the hand-sewn”, summarized Marylise Léon.

Everyone obviously has teleworking in their sights. The social partners are not asking for the return of fixing a minimum number of days for those who can work from home which is, in any case not for the moment, within the scope of the government either.

“We must trust the social dialogue”, explain the signatories of the national inter-professional agreement on teleworking that only the CGT has not validated. “We must jointly find the most suitable solutions for each company”, underlined the president of the CFTC, Cyril Chabanier.

All social and economic committees will have to be convened to review the situation. Knowing that beyond the issue of teleworking, it will be necessary to tighten the bolts on the conditions of face-to-face work. “We are not going to lie to each other, we can see that people have tended to put off the mask a little more than before,” notes a trade unionist.

“We must re-sensitize, pull together to avoid a general reconfinement of course,” agreed François Asselin. This means “putting back the barrier gestures, the masks, the distances in the workplaces and airing the spaces”, listed Béatrice Clicq. “The solution is to open the windows for five minutes every hour”, specifies Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux. This need for ventilation was the subject of an opinion from the High Council of Public Health.

But what about CO2 sensors? “They can be useful in some cases,” notes the Ministry of Labor.

“In the current context of epidemic recovery, the organization of an exchange within the framework of local social dialogue on the implementation or strengthening of health measures within the company is all the more essential (eg: staggered schedules; traffic flow; setting up of teleworking, etc.) ”, asks the protocol.

Aeration is required at least 5 minutes every hour in a natural way or, failing that, through mechanical ventilation. In addition, “when the recommendations for natural ventilation cannot be respected”, it is “recommended that measurements of carbon dioxide (carbon dioxide – CO2) in the air, at significant places of frequentation and during periods of high attendance, in particular ”. At 800 ppm, it is necessary to renew the air and / or remove people. “Above 1000 ppm, the evacuation of the room must be proposed the time of sufficient ventilation to find CO2 levels below 800 ppm”, specifies the protocol, knowing that “the measurement of CO2 in the air must be carried out at significant places of frequentation and at periods of real frequentation ”.

“The moments of conviviality bringing together face-to-face employees in the professional setting are not recommended”, specifies the protocol which recalls that “if they are organized”, all health rules must be respected.

Incorporating the new general rules, the protocol no longer allows unvaccinated people to use self-tests and now sets the validity period of a test at 24 hours.

Ref: https://www.lesechos.fr