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Sophie Fontaine

For more than eight months now, as everywhere in France, thousands of Reunion Island students from preparatory course to fifth grade have been wearing a mask in class. The measure could disappear as of October 4, for the departments where the incidence rate is below the threshold of 50/100000 inhabitants.

Wearing a mask at school may soon no longer be a requirement. The measure, introduced on February 15 on our island, has never been unanimous, and has given rise to demonstrations. The government spokesperson said:

“We have always known that wearing a mask, especially for younger children, is far from trivial.” For its part, the Scientific Council stressed on August 27 that it is “important that the wearing of a mask by the youngest be subject to evaluation and monitoring”.

Gabriel Attal, the government spokesman, announced on Tuesday that the health protocol would be upgraded to level 1 in territories where the incidence rate has been below 50 for at least 5 days.

If the island is not one of these territories, the incidence rate has continued to decline for several weeks, standing at the latest record of the ARS at 70 per 100,000 inhabitants. If the numbers continue to decline, Reunion, primary school students may no longer have to wear masks from October 4.

As for the teachers questioned, the observation is simple: it is difficult to enforce all the measures:

“The children wear the mask, but we can’t prevent them from exchanging a pen, for example, from having contacts in the yard. It kind of feels like a small plaster on a big problem. “.

“They have to apply this rule in school, but once they get out they hug, they kiss. They are children.”

“Then they might have problems, and that’s not fun. We adults have a hard time with the mask.”

To remove the mask from elementary school, the island must have an incidence rate of less than 50/100 000 inhabitants over a minimum period of 5 days, however, specific measures could be maintained at the scale local.

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