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Posted on January 11, 2022 at 5:09 p.m.

Untenable health protocols, incessant orders and counter-orders, lack of replacements, absence of effective protections, permanent disorganization, degradation of working conditions, contempt for the minister … all the national education personnel who carry the school at arm’s length , can’t take it anymore! The cup is full !

Faced with this untenable situation in schools and establishments, the trade unions CGT Educ’Action, SNUDI-FO, SN-FO-LC, SNUipp-FSU, SNES-FSU, SNUEP-FSU, SUD Education, SE-UNSA, SGEN- CFDT call on all staff to strike Thursday, January 13 to demand:

– no class closures during the next CTSDs, the additional allocation of tenured posts as quickly as possible via a collective budget to allow the reduction in class size and replacement,

– the immediate recruitment of all candidates for competitive examinations registered on the complementary lists and the replenishment of these, the internship or tenure of all contract workers who so wish (no recourse to retirees!),

– the recruitment of school nurses, school doctors and prevention doctors to meet the needs and the reinstatement of all suspended staff,

– real protective measures such as surgical masks or FFP2 for those who wish, self-tests, classrooms and catering rooms equipped with CO2 sensors and air purifiers when necessary instead unenforceable protocols,

– instructions discussed and adapted to reality, communicated clearly and directly to colleagues with realistic implementation deadlines,

– the management of additional tasks due to the health crisis by the IEN and not by the school directors,

– stopping all pressure on staff to force them to carry out non-regulatory distance education.

– the thawing of the index point and the immediate catching up of purchasing power lost over the past 20 years,

– a real salary and a real status for AESH as well as the abandonment of pooling.

And beyond all these demands, the end of contempt for the minister and the recognition of our professions.

Trade unions invite staff to meet in general assembly wherever possible. They also invite them to discuss the rest of the mobilization, our working conditions and our salaries.

A rally in front of the DSDEN in Mâcon will take place at 3 p.m. and a hearing request has been filed by a delegation of teachers and parents with IA-DASEN.

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