Desperate. After a year and eight months of epidemic, several confinements and other curfews, and above all a three-quarters vaccinated population, France, like a large part of the country. Europe is once again experiencing an uncontrollable outbreak of Sars-Cov-2, responsible for Covid-19 disease. Faced with this fifth growing wave, the government must announce this Thursday several new measures, including a possible enlargement of the public benefiting from the so-called booster dose, and a possible strengthening of the criteria for benefit from the health pass.

There is indeed an emergency. With 20,000 new daily cases recorded on Tuesday (on average over seven days), the virus is now doubling the number of its hosts every eight to ten days. We are not yet at a doubling of cases every three days, as at the start of the epidemic, nor at the peak of 50,000 daily contaminations of the epidemic. fall 2020, but the momentum is approaching.

How to explain such vitality, despite one of the best vaccine coverage in Europe? “Quite simply because we have not reached a level of immunity sufficient to stop the circulation of the virus, analyzes epidemiologist Pascal CrÔ © pey, from the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Santé publique. With less than 80â ????% of French people totally vaccinated and â ?? ¦