The report requested by US President Joe Biden of his intelligence services on the origin of Covid-19 does not resolve this sensitive issue, a source of friction between Washington and Beijing. The President of the United States called at the end of May American intelligence, so far unable to rule on the thesis of an animal origin or that of a leak at the Chinese laboratory in Wuhan, to “redouble their efforts” to explain the problem. origin of the Covid-19 and to provide a report within 90 days.

Mr Biden received this classified top secret report but the document is inconclusive because despite their research and analysis, intelligence officials could not agree on a definitive explanation, according to the Washington Post Part of the reason is that China has not provided enough information, says the Wall Street Journal. Long brushed aside by most experts, the theory of a laboratory in Wuhan, China, has returned in recent months in the American debate. And calls for more in-depth investigation have multiplied within the scientific community.

The search for the origins of Covid-19 “is at a standstill” and it is urgent to resume it, because the more time passes the more difficult it is to carry out, warn the expert authors in March of a report on the subject for the WHO.

“The search for the origins of the SARS-CoV-2 virus is at a critical juncture” and “the window of opportunity to conduct this crucial investigation is closing quickly”, they argue in a view published today by the journal Nature. “Antibodies decline over time: collecting samples (animals) and testing people who may have been exposed before December 2019 will therefore yield fewer and fewer results,” they warn. Their report, published on March 29, after an investigation conducted in January in Wuhan (China), the known starting point of the pandemic, had been the subject of criticism which accused it of underplaying the responsibility of China.