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The High Court of Catalonia on Thursday approved the Catalan government’s request to impose health passes for access to sports halls, bars, restaurants and retirement homes.

This measure, which aims to stem the upsurge in Covid-19 cases, will come into force on Friday. The Spanish region already required people to show negative PCR tests or vaccination certificates to access nightclubs, music festivals or big events like weddings.

Catalonia, like much of Spain, has seen a steady rise in new infections in recent months.

For the first time this autumn, Catalonia exceeded, on Thursday, the 5% of positive tests for the coronavirus and the threshold of 2,000 new cases.

Across Spain, the prevalence rate more than doubled in less than two weeks to reach 148 infections per 100,000 people.

However, the situation remains relatively stable compared to other European countries such as Austria, Slovenia, Belgium or the Czech Republic, where the infection rate is over 1000.

Although Catalonia has more cases than the national average, the Basque Country and Navarre have the highest infection rates in the country.

Last week, the Basque government also tried to impose a health pass for leisure activities, but the Basque High Court rejected the request, ruling that the measure was not justifiable.

The Basque government is now taking the matter to the Spanish Supreme Court, while other governments, such as those of Navarre and Aragon, are waiting to receive the green light from local judicial authorities to adopt similar measures.

Spain’s central government has so far ruled out any taxation of health passes at the national level. Its strategy to fight the pandemic remains focused on promoting vaccination, without coercion, as well as maintaining the wearing of masks in confined spaces.

Nearly 90% of adults who have opted for the vaccine in Spain, the country’s chief epidemiologist hardly sees the usefulness of health passes.

“If everyone is already vaccinated, why should we have to prove it every time we walk into a bar?” Fernando Simon said last week.

Children under 11 are currently the most affected by the disease in Spain. This coincides with the decision, taken Thursday by the European Medicines Agency, to authorize the inoculation of anti-Covid-19 vaccines at this age group.

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