The National Federation of Health Mobility (FNMS) surveyed 258 companies with 6,000 employees, or nearly 7% of the profession.

“Between 10 and 13% of paramedics do not want to be vaccinated” against Covid-19, said Friday, September 9 on franceinfo Thierry Schifano, president of the National Federation of Health Mobility (FNMS). While the vaccination obligation comes into force on September 15 for this profession, the federation proposes to operate in “degraded” mode to continue to ensure all its missions.

The federation has carried out several studies on paramedics and the vaccine, by interviewing 258 companies representing the profession, bringing together 6,000 employees, or nearly 7% of the profession. “We arrive at a ceiling rate of 10 to 13% of ambulance attendants who do not wish to be vaccinated”, reports Thierry Schifano. “It is a real problem to ensure the health course of our patients”, warns the president of the federation. “We are already a very, very tense profession” which lacks employees.

“We are not going to be able to cover all transport and unfortunately, entrepreneurs will make dramatic choices to know which patients they are going to transport”

But Thierry Schifano believes that no patient should be in danger. Emergency transport activity can be provided. It is the programmed transport sector that risks running out of resources. “People who have to go to treatment might not be transported by our profession”.

To anticipate this risk, the profession made a proposal to the Ministry of Health to work in “degraded” mode, which “would make it possible to ensure the integrity of transport, without making a choice” between patients. Thierry Schifano and his colleagues suggest that for scheduled transport, the ambulance crew does not necessarily include a state graduate, but an auxiliary ambulance driver who has more than three years of seniority. The state graduate would still be compulsory for hospital emergencies.

Discussions are underway, but “we have no official feedback” from the ministry today, regrets Thierry Schifano. “Do not wait until the 15th, once we are in trouble and we have not been able to transport people,” he insists.

He is also worried about the “social side”, regretting “the suspension of the employment contract” for those who do not want to be vaccinated. “But unfortunately, it was their choice,” he adds.

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