The fifth wave of the Covid-19 epidemic is here, everywhere in France. The Alpes-Maritimes are no exception to the rule, so much so that Christian Estrosi should announce new measures for the metropolis, this Monday, November 22. While waiting for these, here is the incidence rate in your municipality.

While at the beginning of last week, everyone seemed confident that the epidemic was contained in France and that measures such as teleworking did not need to be strengthened, the turnaround came quickly.

In less than a week, the indicators have experienced a progression described as “dazzling” by the government spokesperson. “This 5th wave, it starts in a dazzling way”, noted the spokesperson of the government, invited on Europe 1, CNEWS and Les Echos, this Sunday. The latter said he was “worried”, assuring however that “elements can make us confident”.

In the wake of this analysis, Christian Estrosi announced that he was going to take measures for the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis. The press conference will be held this Monday at 2:30 p.m. While we do not yet know what these measures will be, they should nevertheless revolve around vaccination and the need to reach eligible audiences who have not yet received a third dose.

A health necessity, for the authorities, especially as the incidence rate continues to explode in the Alpes-Maritimes. Ten days after having passed above 100 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, the indicator now exceeds 200. You can also see where the epidemic is in your town, thanks to the map below.

On average calculated over 7 days (which gives a more faithful view of this progression), the number of daily cases in France has almost doubled in one week: it was 18,189, against 10,023 the previous Sunday. This represents an increase of 81.4%. Sign that the epidemic is going quickly: before that, it had taken three weeks for the number of daily cases to increase in the same proportions.

But the challenge of this new wave will be whether this outbreak will result in a massive influx of patients to the hospital, the main barometer of government measures. This we should know within a fortnight. For now, hospital admissions remain manageable, despite an increase of around 50% in admissions.

In the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, between November 8 and 14, around 245 hospital admissions were noted for Covid, as shown by the figures from Public Health France. This represents more or less 10% of new admissions to the metropolitan territory.

A wave, for the moment, contained on the hospital front, thanks to vaccination, according to the authorities. Sunday, November 22, 8,038 Covid patients were hospitalized in France, including 1,339 in critical care services (the most serious cases), against 6,500 and 1,000 respectively a month earlier.

“We see that there is a very strong increase in contaminations, but we also know that in France, we have a very wide vaccination coverage (and) we are rather ahead of our neighbors on the vaccination booster” , said Mr. Attal on Sunday, praising the establishment in July of the health pass, while “most of the countries around us have implemented it after”.


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