Containment has started for the Society Islands, but in hospital the pressure has continued to mount. With 54 deaths in 72 hours, the fenua had its deadliest weekend since the start of the crisis.

311 Polynesian deaths, including 167 in five weeks. In the fenua, the second wave has already been deadlier than the first. And there is no indication that it is over. With 100 virus-related deaths including 54 in the past 72 hours alone, last week was the most violent of this health crisis, if not in recent fenua history.

Deaths, unfortunately, are among the best indicators of epidemic progress. The number of hospitalizations – 349 people treated at the hospital this Monday morning, or 20 more than on Friday – continues to increase, but is contained by the treatment capacities of the CHPF, clinics and hospitals. peripherals, which have generally been saturated for several days. Admittedly, the Taaone has not yet used the camp beds arranged in the main nave, kept for the “next big wave of arrivals”. But for several days now, doctors have had to make very difficult care choices between patients. Especially on places in intensive care. A major indicator during the first wave, the number of “Covid shifts” – 48 in total, against 40 on Friday – was able to increase thanks to the deployment in clinics in Tahiti and certain peripheral intensive care unit hospitals. “But if it were possible, these people would have to be taken care of by the CHPF”, which houses the only real resuscitation service in the country, the health authorities said.

As for the number of cases, its increase – 2,745 new positive cases in three days, and 8,766 in one week – is limited both by capacity and by the screening policy, limited to symptoms only. These figures should be less and less representative of the evolution of the epidemic. Firstly, because confinement makes screening less useful, which only leads, apart from complications, to a recommendation for isolation. Then because the Country has decided to redeploy its resources: “We are going to drastically reduce the test points to give priority to vaccination”, President Édouard Fritch had specified on Friday. At his side, High Commissioner Dominique Sorain called for “not to jump to conclusions” from the incidence figures in the coming days.

It should be noted that vaccination continues its rapid progression: nearly 24,000 injections last week, including 13,000 first-time vaccines. More than half of Polynesians over 12 have now started their vaccination. Of the total population, the coverage rate is 34% of complete immunization schedules.

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