This weekend, two amateur clubs from Moselle are engaged in the 8th round of the Coupe de France. Sarrebourg will challenge Créteil and the RS Magny will move on the terrain of the RS Magny.

The whole of southern Moselle dreams of a feat. This Saturday, from 6 p.m., on the occasion of the 8th round of the French Football Cup, FC Sarrebourg (R1) challenges US Créteil Lusitanos (N1).

Between the 2 formations, there are three divisions of difference. More than 1,500 spectators are expected at the Jean-Jacques Morin stadium. And to hope to bring down the Ile-de-France club, and to reach the 32nd final, a stage of the competition that the Sarrebourgeois have not reached since 1999, the Moselle fans have put the small dishes in the big ones.

Because of a busy schedule – Sarrebourg notably played, Monday evening, a late championship match in Alsace – the staff focused on recovery. And like the pros, the local players were entitled to a cryotherapy session on Tuesday.

On the ground this time, the staff of the Saarburg has scheduled two training sessions this week. He has of course dissected on video, the game of US Créteil, penultimate of the national championship and he will also watch with great interest, the weather forecast. Snow is forecast for Sarrebourg and this could benefit Moselle enthusiasts.

The RS Magny (R2) wants to slash the champagne. This Sunday, at 1:30 p.m., on the occasion of the 8th round of the Coupe de France, the small club of the Metz agglomeration, moves on the lawn of fans of Reims Ste Anne (R1).

This Champagne formation has notably seen a certain Robert Pires grow up. The former Garnet started in this small club in Reims. Today he welcomes former professional players from the Reims stadium, like Anthony Weber and Mickaël Tacalfred.

To put all their chances on their side, the staff and the leaders of RS Magny, have decided to go green: the players will sleep Saturday night in Reims. And to encourage the Metz club, two fan buses will go to the Robert Pires stadium this Sunday.

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