Stade Lavallois is playing the 6th round of the Coupe de France this Sunday against a hierarchically inferior club. After their victory at Sedan on Thursday, the Tango hope to have a perfect week by qualifying for the 7th round.

No time to breathe for the Stade Lavallois players. Three days after the victorious trip to Sedan, the Mayenne club is playing the 6th round of the Coupe de France this Sunday, October 31. A trip to Loire-Atlantique to face Vertou, a National 3 club.

The match will be played on a synthetic turf and will bring back memories to the coach, Olivier Frapolli since the Lavallois had already played a 6th round of the Coupe de France two years ago (qualifying on penalties, 0-0 at the after regulation time).

Compared to the trip to Sedan, striker Sébastien Da Silva has joined the infirmary. Four starting players Thursday evening, are not traveling to Loire-Atlantique: Roye, Adéoti, Duterte and Perrot.

Goalkeepers: Alexis Sauvage, Théo Châtelain
Defenders: Yasser Baldé, Bryan Goncalves, Marvin Baudry, Edson Seidou, Baptiste Etcheverria, Yazid Aït Moujane
Midfielders: Ryan Ferhaoui, Julien Maggiotti, Atila Fontinha, Randi Goteni
Forwards: Geoffray Durbant, Kader N’Chobi, Yohan Brun, Sofiane Barroug

Injured: Ludéric Etondé, Maxime Hautbois, Maxence Carlier, François-Xavier Fumu Tamuzo, Pierrick Cros, Sébastien Da Silva
Left to rest: Jimmy Roye, Jordan Adéoti, Kevin Perrot, Rémy Duterte

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