The Myanmar military took power on February 1st after overthrowing the elected government led by Aung San Suu Kyi and declaring a state of emergency.

Published: May 01, 2021 13:02 |

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UNITED NATIONS: India has welcomed ASEAN’s five-point consensus on Myanmar, which calls for an “immediate cessation” of violence in the country and for all parties to show extreme restraint as New Delhi insists on it Reaffirmed release of detained leaders.

The Myanmar military took power on February 1 after overthrowing the elected government led by Aung San Suu Kyi and declaring a state of emergency.

India’s position was set out when the UN Security Council held a private meeting with 15 nations on Friday in connection with Myanmar.

India’s Permanent Representative to UN Ambassador TS Tirumurti later tweeted that India was in the council the initiative of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and the five-point Welcome consensus.

He added that India will step up ASEAN’s efforts. The Security Council and the United Nations “should support their efforts. He added that India continues to” insist on the release of imprisoned leaders and an end to the violence “and that New Delhi’s general stance on the situation is consistent.

That The Myanmar military took control of the country for a year on February 1, arresting high-ranking political figures, including de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

The ASEAN Five Point Consensus says that The violence in Myanmar is to end immediately and all parties must exercise extreme restraint. The constructive dialogue between all parties concerned begins with the search for a peaceful solution in the interests of the people.

A special envoy of the ASEAN Presidency is to mediate the Facilitate the dialogue process with the support of the Secretary General of ASEAN ASEAN provides humanitarian aid through the AHA Center (ASEAN Coordination Center fü r humanitarian aid in disaster management). The Special Envoy and Delegation are visiting Myanmar to meet with all parties concerned.

India condemned the violence in Myanmar and condemned the loss of life as it pushed for maximum restraint and called for the release of imprisoned leaders who favor the peaceful Solution and underscored its unwavering commitment to democratic transition.

The UN Development Program (UNDP) said in its report “COVID-19, Coup and Poverty: Exacerbating Negative Shocks and Their Impact on Human Development in Myanmar”, that the ongoing political crisis “will undoubtedly exacerbate the socio-economic impact” of the pandemic, lowering incomes.

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