Thirty fruits and vegetables wrapped in plastic will disappear from the shelves, Saturday January 1. The date marks the implementation of the decree provided for by the anti-waste law.

Plastic packaging is legion in French supermarkets. Those of around thirty fruits and vegetables will be banned, from Saturday January 1. In Paris, the measure is rather enthusiastically received. “It’s very good, because there is too much packaging everywhere,” said one customer. The plastic will be replaced by cardboard or nets.

For producers, we have to adapt. Jean-Luc Soury is director of the Limdor cooperative, in Limousin. He has invested 100,000 euros in new machines to condition apples from around fifty farmers. He estimates that production will cost 13% more with the new measure. “It is still a charge that we cannot pass on to the selling prices”, he laments, even if he says he is “aware of the ecological problem”.

Apples, pears, lemons and peppers will be among the first to convert to zero plastic. Fruits and vegetables considered fragile and delicate to transport benefit from a delay, which can go until 2026.

broadcast on 12/29

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